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Syracuse Public Schools

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Syracuse Power Drive Car #77
January Monthly Report

When we started our program this year, our first major issue we had to address was our plan to raise money. We first went trough the list of sponsors to decide who we wanted for donations again. Then everybody came up with a list of 10 businesses that we thought would donate to us. We then split up in-town sponsors among the team members. And we wrote a form letter and gave them to the owners and managers of the businesses. We set our goal for donations at 3000. Then after a few days we went back for follow ups. And they would donate to us if they wanted to, other wise we would thank them for their time. We are a little short of our intended goal.

We shortly started designing our cars after class started. We made a few sketches and then did research on some new ideas that we were interested in. And then we presented our finding to the rest of the team. Then we started taping out the design of our car onto the floor. We ended up changing our original design a great deal, into something more aerodynamic.

After we had the cars taped out we started building them. We decided to use conduit for the body of our cars. We started building our first frame and after getting the initial design built we decided that it wasn’t really what we wanted and that we could design and build something better. So we tore apart our first design. We cut the conduit into sections that we could reuse, therefore, saving cost. We then redesigned something that was even better than I our first design and proceeded to construct it. We are now on track in the construction of our car.

We also thought that it was a good time to teach our teammates some new skills, including welding. We started building our car by putting together the base of the frame. And know we are building up form that. We then started building our car up on the sides and front. We then attached a arch to the side braces to form the top of the car. This is all we have accomplished so far.

Syracuse Power Drive Car #25
January Monthly Report
When we started our program this year, our first major issue we had to address was our plan to raise money. We first went through the list of sponsors to decide who we wanted to ask for sponsorships for us this year. Then, everyone came up with a list of 10 businesses/people that we thought would sponsor us. We then wrote up a sponsor letter, split up the list among the team members, and gave the letter to the owners and managers of the businesses.

Shortly after starting the class, we started to design our cars. This process included getting into groups and watching video’s over certain aspects of our car such as steering, braking, and aerodynamics. We got online and looked up different car designs from last years teams. When we came up with our ideas for how our car should look, we started drawing it out on paper. After we got it drawn, we decided to lay it out in tape on a piece of cardboard. We did this to see how big our car actually is compared to how big the team wanted it to be.

So far this year, our teams have been getting along very well. Due to our team getting along so well, we could design the car exactly how we wanted it. Then, when we got the design of the car how we wanted it we started the building process. We started getting our measurements and getting the materials to build the cars. We have our basic frame all designed out and built. Now we are waiting on some parts to come in for our front axle.

We have really been focusing on aerodynamics and light weight. We have been cutting out little things such as the thickness of metal we use to hold our switches in place. We are also trying to come up with a way to seal up the gaps between our plastic body. Next month one of our main goals is to get the axle constructed.

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