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Bellevue West High School

On our advanced Power Drive car A94 we changed a few things on the car from last year.  We upgraded the brakes so we could have more handling and more control over the car. Last year the brakes weren’t very good so we changed the discs and how they were mounted on the car to make them work better. We also changed the electrical meter to a pak-trak because the other meter was not working to our standards. We made plastic wheel covers to improve aerodynamics. We have also done some battery testing to see how we can improve the performance of the batteries from last year.

Wheel covers        Brakes

Wheel Covers                                        Brakes

Whole car        Electrical meter

Whole Car                                            Electrical meter

Team Name : N-96
January 2013

These are your before shots of the frame as we just started to get what we needed together in our work area.
Frame shot 1    Frame shot 2

As you can see in the first picture (bottom left) we have the double roll cage built and attached to the frame of our car, by MIG welding mild steel to attach the pieces. We are also (same picture) starting to attach the rear wheel  to our car. In the second picture (bottom right) you can see we have our brake pedal assembled and attached where it would be comfortable and easy to reach for our driver. Also you might notice the white foam nose. We are using that as a fiber glass mold to create the true nose of our car, as we will be taking out the foam after the fiberglass has hardened.

Double roll cage    Brake pedal

Team Name : N-96

In the month of February, the Bellevue West Power Drive team was able to finish the outline for the steering (Top Right). We also attached the driver floor seat, with self tapping screws, using an aluminum plate to keep the driver from hitting the ground when driving. It is made out of aluminum because it needs to be lightweight but strong (Bottom Left) .We also attached the shock to the back wheel using a MIG welder (Bottom Left). The fiber glass has also been administered to the nose of the car (Top Left). We are now beginning to work on proper weight placement on the car, putting the wheels upon the car, spreading putty on the nose to further harden it, and testing the batteries to see how they will run with the motor that we have.    


Bellevue West February photo 1    Bellevue West February photo 2    Bellevue West February photo 3

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