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Green Power Program


OPPD supports green energy. Will you?

OPPD understands its customers care about the environment and is committed to sustainable energy for the future. But we need your support. By working together we can have an even bigger impact.

Wind & Solar Become a Green Power Partner today and you can help support OPPD’s investment in renewable energy. OPPD's Green Power Program harnesses power from the wind and landfill gases to generate electricity in an environmentally friendly, green way. By tapping green resources, OPPD reduces its dependence on nonrenewable resources.

Support renewable energy in the community…become a Green Power Partner today.

Renewable Goal

OPPD set a goal of having 10 percent of the electricity it sells to retail customers coming from renewable energy by 2020. Due to a 200-megawatt wind power purchase, OPPD expects surpass that goal by 2014 – six years earlier than expected.

Learn more about OPPD’s sustainability efforts.

Area Businesses Support Green Power

See a list of businesses in our area that support the Green Power Program and make your business a Green Power Partner today! (This link will take you to the Commercial Products and Services section of this web site.)

Other Green Power Initiatives

Contact Us

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Surge Protection

OPPD's Surge Guard Plus can help prevent damage to your electronic equipment. Even small surges can create minor damage that may go unnoticed but still shorten the life of your valuable equipment.

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