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Energy Efficiency Financial Solutions


Low Interest Loans Available 

The Nebraska Energy Office along with Nebraska lenders enrolled in the Dollar and Energy Saving Loan program,  have lowered interest rates to 2.5% to help stimulate the economy and help Nebraskans make energy efficiency improvements to homes and businesses.

The simple interest rate of 2.5% will apply to all energy efficiency, renewable energy, telecommunications, dedicated alternate fuel, Energy Star ® certified home electronics and office equipment, and waste minimization projects eligible under the program and in all borrower categories: residential, multi-family, businesses, non-profits, institutional (including schools and hospitals), industrial, Energy Star ® partners, local governments, farms and ranches.

The maximum loan amount has been raised to $750,000 and the maximum term is 15 years. Qualifying projects which exceed the maximum loan amount and term will be considered on a case by case basis.

For more information: Energy Star Loans - Nebraska Energy Office.


Surge Protection

OPPD's Surge Guard Plus can help prevent damage to your electronic equipment. Even small surges can create minor damage that may go unnoticed but still shorten the life of your valuable equipment.

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