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Solar Generation

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Solar Power

Solar energy comes in at least two forms. Passive solar can heat your home or help your hot water heater. For our purposes, we'll talk about photovoltaic (PV) solar. These panels convert solar energy directly into electricity.  

It would be wise to consult with local and/or state inspectors regarding their requirements for solar or other renewable energy. Your city, town or county may require permits and/or have zoning restrictions. Additionally, there may be housing covenants in your area.

Solar panels have been coming down in price per kilowatt of capacity and now come in a variety of styles. 

OPPD allows customers to supply excess power to the OPPD system. The rate schedule for energy purchase from customers is Rate 355 or Rate 483, OPPD's Net Metering Rate, depending upon the situation.

Please see below to view OPPD’s Distributed Generation Manual. Pages 19-21 describe the basic approval process; pages 31-33 list basic metering requirements;  pages 34-39 list protective equipment requirements; and pages 45-49 contain  the approval application.

A shortened One-Page DG Application may be used to apply for interconnecting your 10kW or less generating system with single-phase OPPD service.

For more information,

National Renewable Energy Lab-Residential

Distributed Generation Manual


Surge Protection

OPPD's Surge Guard Plus can help prevent damage to your electronic equipment. Even small surges can create minor damage that may go unnoticed but still shorten the life of your valuable equipment.

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