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Qualifications And Heat Pump Rate


Residential Heat Pumps Save Energy and Money

OPPD offers a lower winter rate to customers through the Heat Pump Program. The program is available to any OPPD customer who:

  • Purchases and installs a heat pump in a residential home
  • Installs accepted heat pump indoor/outdoor thermostats with outdoor thermostat set at 20 degrees F or lower. View approved thermostats.
  • Returns a heat pump application provided by OPPD. Your heating and cooling contractor does this on your behalf.

Qualifying equipment includes new electric heat pumps equal to or greater than 13 SEER1. All equipment must be matched according to AHRI ratings. Installed heat pump equipment may be inspected by OPPD before acceptance in the program. Determination of equipment qualification for the Heat Pump Program will be at the sole discretion of OPPD. A load calculation (heat loss/heat gain calculation) should be performed on the home where the equipment will be installed.

Please note:  Not all heat pumps qualify for this program. To determine which qualify, call your heating and cooling contractor. For questions regarding the heat pump program, please call 402-636-3753, (800)648-2658 outside Omaha metro or email

Residential Conservation Heat Pump Rate for Heat Pump Owners

The Residential Conservation Heat Pump Rate 115 is the same as the standard residential rate except for a lower last rate block during the winter billing period (October through May). The rate will be applied to the next bill after OPPD receives and processes the application. To qualify, the electric heat pump must supply at least 50 percent of the space conditioning requirements for the home and have an outdoor thermostat setting of 20 degrees F or lower.

Heat Pump Operating Costs

Download an 83KB Microsoft Excel® file that will enable you to estimate the savings a heat pump can bring to a home like yours. The figures used in this file are based on the Omaha area, with electric rates from OPPD and gas rates from utilities in OPPD’s service territory.

¹SEER - Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio - A unit of measurement for the efficiency of the equipment. The Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) and the International Standards Organization (ISO) have established SEER or EER ratings for all heating and cooling units. This rating can be found in the Directory of Certified Unitary Air Conditioners and Air-Source Heat Pumps, and the Directory of Certified Applied Air-Conditioning Products, published by the ARI, AHRI.


Surge Protection

OPPD's Surge Guard Plus can help prevent damage to your electronic equipment. Even small surges can create minor damage that may go unnoticed but still shorten the life of your valuable equipment.

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