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Roof-Top Unit (RTU) Incentive Program


Increase your RTU's efficiency and save.

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Improving Your RTU Efficiency
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Improving Your RTU Efficiency

A roof top unit (RTU) is a single-packaged (manufactured) piece of equipment used to condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. Recently, new technology has been developed to make RTUs 28 to 68 percent more energy-efficient. OPPD now offers incentives for retrofits added to existing RTUs by a qualified Trade Ally.

RTUs are historically inefficient and are generally purchased due to their low initial cost. Industry experience shows that most RTUs are larger than they need to be, which results in wasted energy. The retrofits that OPPD offers incentives on will result in the RTU operating only at the level needed, saving you energy and money while maintaining occupant comfort.

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How the RTU Incentive Program Works

An OPPD Trade Ally provides you with a no-cost, no-obligation RTU audit to identify your needs (Trade Allies are qualified professionals who have completed training and committed to OPPD’s RTU Program). If you opt to move forward with the RTU device installation, the Trade Ally will take you through the preapproval process. Then, submit the following to OPPD:

Once preapproved, the Trade Ally will install the device(s). Installations should be completed within 90 days of preapproval in order to ensure funding has still been set aside. You and your Trade Ally must also submit an itemized invoice to OPPD within 30 days of project completion. Once this is received and processed, you will receive your incentive check.

* In order to receive an incentive, you must always work through an OPPD Trade Ally.

All OPPD business customers with accounts in good standing may qualify for this incentive. RTUs with one or two compressors and in the range of 5 to 20 tons qualify.

View a list of RTU Incentive Trade Allies.

If you have questions about the RTU Incentive Program, please call OPPD at
402-636-3536 or email

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