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So You Want to Generate Electricity

You think you want to install some solar panels on your roof or put a wind turbine in your back yard and generate electricity? Welcome to the business.

Whether you’re considering this move to cut your utility bill or you simply want to use more renewable (green) energy, you’re probably asking what this all entails, what it is going to cost, and whether you can save money. We’ve been in the business of generating and delivering electricity since 1946, maybe we can help answer your questions.

Let’s get started.

Safety First

If you are operating or considering the installation of generation equipment, you should first be familiar with all local, state and federal requirements concerning installation, operation and maintenance of such equipment.  As with all electrical equipment, safety should come first. 

If you're just thinking about this, the Bottom Line may answer your questions about payback and state law requirements. Also, consider a look at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's information on residential energy.

Digging more in depth, the  Solar Generation and Wind Generation pages have more details. 

Your steps to generation should be:

1. Research. Research your equipment options, economics, and any codes or regulatory requirements. See OPPD's Distributed Generation Manual for OPPD requirements and OPPD's DG application. Do not purchase generation equipment at this stage - many generation products meet OPPD  requirements, but some do not. OPPD may not approve your equipment purchase for operation on the OPPD system.

A shortened One-Page DG Application may be used to apply for interconnecting your 10kW or less generating system with single-phase OPPD service.

2. Permits and Approvals. Obtain any permits and approvals necessary. Complete and submit an OPPD DG application. OPPD will review the application and your proposed equipment for connection with the OPPD system. Once approved by OPPD, you have OPPD's "approval to construct."

3. Equipment purchase and installation. Move ahead with the purchase and installation of your generation equipment.

4. Final inspection. OPPD will require a final inspection and "witness test"  of the installation. Of course, others may require inspections as well. After successfully completing this step, you are free to operate your generation in parallel with the OPPD system. If you are interested in OPPD's Net Metering Rate 483, and meet all requirements, contact OPPD to get with the program.

More Information:


American Wind Energy Association

Net Metering Rate 483


Meter Manual

OPPD's Meter Manual contains specifications and drawings. The manual supplies key information to customers, employees, architects, engineers, contractors and others.

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