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The Process


For OPPD Customers

  1. Have an OPPD business account for a building that is 30,000 sq/ft or larger and/or has an annual OPPD bill, through one meter of $30,000 or more.
  2. Have an Energy Study completed by an OPPD IEEP Service Provider that identifies a project that will save at least 10% of your total combined annual energy consumption and decrease summer peak demand.
  3. Contractually commit to a qualified IEEP Service Provider that you will move forward with an IEEP project, upon project preapproval by OPPD.
  4. Complete IEEP Incentive Application, and provide Energy Study invoice along with W-9 information to OPPD for pre-approval of the IEEP and to receive your Energy Study incentive.
  5. Receive Energy Study incentive check (for 50% of cost up to $10,000).
  6. Complete the project.
  7. Complete M&V report - IEEP Service Provider.
  8. Validate peak demand reduction and energy savings - OPPD.
  9. Receive check for $400 per kW of actual summer peak demand reduction - Customer.




Meter Manual

OPPD's Meter Manual contains specifications and drawings. The manual supplies key information to customers, employees, architects, engineers, contractors and others.

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