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Multi-Family Dwellings Success Stories


Multi-Family Dwellings Pump Up Their Savings


"The main reason we installed heat pumps is economics. There is a lot of volatility in energy prices, primarily in other areas of the country. Natural gas prices also have been unstable, so heat pumps were a way to hedge our bets. We wanted to economize on energy consumption."
-Rick Sanders, developer, Richmont Village, 108 units

"All-electric apartments (electric furnace with heat pumps) are a great sales tool. They are a better value for tenants. Also, the heat is softer. The air is less harsh, so your skin doesn't dry out. I have a heat pump in my home, too. The only regret I have is that it doesn't have an electric back-up."
-Brent Lambi, Spaghetti Limited Partnership Apartments

"We plan to install heat pumps because of the OPPD energy rebate, the attractive winter rates for tenants and the stability of electric rates. We did it to save money. We also are installing heat pumps in our apartment complex in Kansas for the same reasons."
-Chris Record, director of acquisitions, AHM Development, Tregaron Senior Living, Bellevue, Neb., 206 units

"We made the decision to install heat pumps because of the surge in natural gas prices. We felt that for the tenants we wanted to go with the most - or one of the most - efficient systems available."
-Don Brester, co-owner, Southwinds Apartment, 130 units

"Heat pumps along with gas furnaces should satisfy all our residents. They will have the flexibility to go either way, using the utility sources that make financial sense to them. The builder is able to give this option to the tenant/user without extra capital costs borne by the builder because OPPD credits make it possible. It seems like a fair deal for the tenant, the developer and OPPD."
-Nate Schwalb, managing member, Hillsborough Pointe Apartments, 264 units in Phase II

"Over the last four years, we've been very pleased, because the heat pumps operate well and are very efficient. The residents enjoy the economy of the technology, and the lower rate with OPPD's winter credits. In addition, when we initially installed the heat pumps, OPPD employees were extremely helpful, coming out and verifying the operation of the equipment, which was very important to us."
-John Beahm, apartment manager, Highland Meadows Apartments, 90 units

"We decided to install heat pumps because of the preferred electric winter rate for tenants. We thought it would be a good marketing tool when we lease our town homes. The energy credit for builders also influenced our decision."
-Phil Buttner, president, Philmore Company, builder of Caravelle Townhomes, 30 units

"For the tenant, heat pumps help lower electric bills and provide comfort heating and cooling. The owner benefits from the low maintenance on the units and the energy efficiency."
-Brad Sutton, maintenance technician, Pine Tree Apartments


For more information, please call (402) 636-3752 or email Angie Garfield at

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