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The Parsons House Success Story


The Parsons House Cares For Residents and About Energy Efficiency

The 65,000 square-foot facility provides four sizes of apartments, from studios to two-bedroom units for residents in the assisted living area, to private and semi-private suites in the Alzheimer's facility. The building also contains spacious common areas, balconies, patios and landscaped outdoor areas for residents. The attention to minute detail personifies the Parsons House, and that attention also has been extended to its energy-efficient features. The facility sports a combination of packaged terminal heat pumps - commonly referred to as through-the-wall units - and a conventional full heat pump system. In all, Parsons House has 115 heat pump units with a capacity totaling 161 ½ tons.

The Parsons House JPG

In all, Parsons House has 115 heat pump units with a capacity totaling 161 ½ tons.

There's a full air-source heat pump system in the 20,000 square feet of common areas, and individual units in the residential apartments and suites. The individual heat pumps allow residents to regulate their own heating and cooling for each unit.

Heat pump maintenance is simple. Every apartment or suite has its own circuit breaker. If there is a malfunction, only the unit that needs repairs needs to be shut down, not the heating and cooling for the whole facility.

Besides heat pumps, the Parsons House also has other energy-efficient features. The wall and ceiling insulation is above the recommended R-factor for this area. There is an additional six inches of batt insulation in this facility. In addition, the windows all have thermal panes, and the doors are virtually air tight with heavy rubber seals. The abundance of windows allow natural lighting, plus the facility has energy-efficient fluorescent light fixtures.


Please call (402) 636-3594 or e-mail Jinrong Wang at

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