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Quality Living


Geothermal Heat Pump Case Study

Quality Living Goes Geothermal With Savings to Boot

Quality Living is a nonprofit agency that provides housing, education, rehabilitation and other services to young adults who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. The facility is heated and cooled by a 240-ton geothermal water-source heat pump system. This mechanical system was selected to provide highly dependable and cost-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation for the facility.

Quality living with cloudy blue sky

A life-cycle cost analysis indicated that a geothermal heat pump system would provide the most energy efficient system available.

The study, conducted by Farris Engineering Inc., projected:

  • A savings of more than $460,000 in energy costs - 30 percent - during a 20-year period, compared to the installation of a conventional boiler/cooling tower water-source heat pump system.
  • A savings of approximately $58,500 in up-front construction costs with the elimination of cooling towers and associated equipment.

In addition to the preliminary cost analyst, Farris Engineering also conducted a one-year study during the facility's first year of operation, comparing energy costs between the east campus and the west campus, based on square footage. The west campus uses a gas-fired hot water heating system.

The data indicated savings in energy costs of 13 to 46 percent for the east campus facility compared to the west campus. These figures are even more impressive considering that the east campus with the geothermal heat pump operates 24 hours per day, and the west only 10 hours a day. The facility realized a first-year operating cost savings of almost 32 percent and first-year maintenance cost savings of 57 percent.


Please call (402) 636-3594 in Omaha or 1-800-648-2658 outside the metropolitan area.

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