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Schools with Geothermal Heat Pumps

  School Interior

With fluctuating gas prices, an increasing number of learning institutions are taking advantage of high-efficiency geothermal heat pump technology, which can both heat and cool their facilities. The technology also lets schools maximize the benefit of OPPD's electric rates, which are among the lowest in the nation. OPPD has not seen a rate increase in 10 years.

Schools are an ideal application for geothermal heat pump use. They have diverse energy needs, heating and cooling everything from large common areas to small classrooms. In addition, they have large land areas – playgrounds and ball fields – under which a geothermal loop system can easily be installed. Another advantage for schools is the flexibility of the system, which allows different temperature settings in different parts of the building, and avoids unnecessary heating and cooling of unoccupied areas.

Both the federal Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have endorsed the geothermal heat pump system because it is the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC system available.

The following school districts utilize geothermal heat pump systems:

Omaha Public Schools

Bellevue Public Schools

Papillion-LaVista Public Schools

Millard Public Schools

Elkhorn Public Schools

Bennington Public Schools

Westside Community Schools

Metropolitan Community College

Westside High School
Geothermal Heat Pump Case Study

 Westside High School

Westside High School Geothermal Heat Pump Case Study:
Statistics show that by installing a geothermal heat pump system, Westside High School reduced its annual energy costs by $29,500, while adding 80,000 square feet of educational space during its recent renovation project. Westside energy personnel estimate that the school will save between $1.5 and $3 million in energy and maintenance costs over the next 20 years with this installation.


Please call (402) 636-3536 in Omaha or 1-800-648-2658 outside the metropolitan area.

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