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Lighting Incentive Program


Save Money. Save Energy

OPPD offers another good reason to upgrade your lighting to a more efficient system: money. We'll help pay the cost of retrofitting or replacing inefficient systems with the new energy efficient ones.

Lighting accounts for between 30% to 40% of most  commercial buildings' energy consumption.

A retrofit to energy efficient lighting will save you money and reduce your carbon foot print while helping to improve your over all ENERGY STAR score.

Lighting and color rendering impact employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Rebates can cover up to $20,000, of your lighting retrofit/replacement cost.

With OPPD incentives, lighting retrofits/replacement have attractive simple paybacks.

Additionally, lighting retrofits/replacement may qualify you for a federal tax deduction of up to $.60 per square foot.

OPPD has a list of companies who have registered with OPPD as Commercial and Industrial Lighting Trade Allies. These companies will provide no cost, no obligation lighting audits and proposals to you. They have also all attended OPPD Lighting Incentive informational meetings and can answer your questions about this program.

If you have questions regard OPPD’s Lighting Incentive Program, email

2013 Lighting Brochure

The Process

2014 Incentive Application Form

Rebate Reference Sheet

Custom Incentives

Terms and Conditions

Lighting Trade Ally List

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do all incentives require paperwork showing that existing lamps were correctly recycled?

A: No. The only situations where documentation of recycling is necessary for an incentive to be paid is when it relates to a Lamp Upgrade Incentive. That means going from F32 T8s to F32 T8 28 watt or F32 T8 25 watt. Then it is necessary so that we are assured that the more efficient lamps were placed in service prior to an incentive being paid. Without the recycling statement the more efficient lamps could have been placed in a warehouse and not installed. See the Lighting configurations sheet for more information.

Q: As a Lighiting Trade Ally I informed my customer about the OPPD Lighting Incentive Program.  They said they were not interested, so no paperwork was submitted to OPPD for preapproval. When I sent the invoice, the customer asked when they would be receiving their incentive. What should I tell them?

A: This customer will not be receiving an OPPD incentive under any circumstance because their project was not preapproved by OPPD. They cannot change their mind after the installation. As a Lighting Trade Ally you will want to make it perfectly clear with every customer that no preapproval means no incentive. Preapprovals will arrive via email, so there is always documentation to show whether or not the preapproval occurred. We strictly enforce this policy in order to make the program fair to all of our customer owners and to ensure the incentive dollars are used for energy efficiency projects that would not have occurred without them.

Q. Is the customer allowed to complete the rebate paperwork?

A. No. By participating in this program as a Lighting Trade Ally you have agreed to complete all application paperwork on behalf of the customer unless otherwise specified. Attending our training sessions gives you the opportunity to learn in detail the application process and the rebate terms, conditions and requirements. Allowing the customer to complete the application will result in a delayed process and in some cases a denial of the project.

Q. I’ve completed most of the rebate application but not all of it, isn’t that good enough?

A. No. Failure to complete the application in its entirety will result in OPPD returning the paperwork and delaying the rebate process. All information required is pertinent to our process and must be filled in completely and as stated otherwise we cannot approve the project and you will not be able to proceed with the retrofit.

Q. I’ve sent in the rebate paperwork but I haven’t received an approval from OPPD yet, I know it will be approved so can’t I just start the project anyway?

A. No. We take time to research each project that we receive to make sure that it falls within our terms and conditions. Starting the project before receiving written approval will result in the paperwork and the rebate being denied. For the benefit of your customer, never start a project without OPPD’s written approval.


Surge Protection

OPPD's Surge Guard Plus can help prevent damage to your electronic equipment. Even small surges can create minor damage that may go unnoticed but still shorten the life of your valuable equipment.

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