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Innovative Energy Efficiency Project (IEEP) Incentive Program


Save Money, Save Energy

Omaha Public Power District offers its Commercial and Industrial customers another reason to improve energy efficiency for their existing buildings.

The IEEP Incentive Pilot Program provides incentives for both energy studies and implementation projects.

The IEEP is designed to encourage the use of innovative energy efficiency solutions to save energy, and improve comfort in existing commercial and industrial buildings.

An Energy Study incentive for 50% of the study cost (with a not to exceed amount of $10,000) is offered as the first phase of the process. After the Energy Study is complete, the incentive will be paid to the customer provided an IEEP Implementation Agreement has been committed to and OPPD has given pre-approval of the project.

The IEEP implementation incentive will be $400 per actual kW of peak demand reduction. There is a limit of one IEEP incentive per facility per calendar year.

The implementation of the IEEP can save money on energy bills, make buildings more comfortable and operation more reliable. This program helps reduce electricity demand and reduce greenhouse emissions, which will help to improve your ENERGY STAR score.

If you have questions regarding the IEEP Incentive Program, email

Key Requirements

  1. The Innovative Energy Efficiency Project (IEEP) Incentive is available to OPPD C&I customers.
  2. The building must have a single meter electric bill in excess of $30,000 annually, and/or have a gross building floor area in excess of 30,000 ft². 
  3. The IEEP shall have a 10% or more decrease in annual building energy consumption (the 10% energy reduction is measured in kBTU and includes natural gas savings, and steam/chilled water savings).
  4. The results of the IEEP must be deemed by OPPD to be sustainable for no less than 5 years.
  5. Rebate requests shall feature energy efficiency measures that are NOT being funded by other OPPD programs (such as the C & I Lighting Incentive Program).

OPPD will require that in order to receive any incentive, a customer must work with an OPPD IEEP Service Provider.

Qualifying Projects for IEEP Incentive Pilot Program

The Process

IEEP Service Providers

IEEP Brochure 

Terms and Conditions

IEEP Application 

W-9 Form

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Meter Manual

OPPD's Meter Manual contains specifications and drawings. The manual supplies key information to customers, employees, architects, engineers, contractors and others.

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