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News for IEEP Service Providers


How to Become an IEEP Service Provider

  1. Complete the OPPD IEEP Service Provider RFI and submit it for approval
  2. Attend IEEP Incentive Program training provided by OPPD at no cost.

IEEP Service Provider Training

Below are the dates, times, and locations for the upcoming 2014 IEEP Training Schedule. Please note the lunch session will be catered. For your convenience, we have scheduled Lighting and RTU Trade Ally Training on dates noted below. If you are interested in attending all three Program Trainings, please be sure to include that information in your sign-up e-mail. Parking:  If space is available in the OPPD garage please utilize it and bring your parking ticket to training for validation.

Date:  March 26, 2014
Time:  12:30-2:00
Location:  Energy Plaza – 444 S 16th Street
*You have the option to attend this training via webinar or in person. If you plan to attend via webinar, the call in information will be sent out the day before training. Be sure to include how you would like to attend in your e-mail to

To register or if you have questions, please email your name and company information along with your question to

Expectations for IEEP Service Providers

  1. Identify energy efficiency projects that result in at least 10% annual energy savings (vs. benchmark), while reducing summer peak demand and can be sustained for at least 5 years.
  2. Accurately complete the IEEP application form.
  3. Submit application form to OPPD for Pre-approval prior to any IEEP taking place.
  4. Complete the IEEP.
  5. Provide M&V report to OPPD showing summer peak demand reduction and energy reduction, according to instructions provided in the “Incentive Application Process”

REMEMBER in order to receive IEEP Incentives No work can be completed prior to OPPD Pre-approval!

Links for IEEP Service Providers

IEEP Service Provider RFI

W-9 Form


Meter Manual

OPPD's Meter Manual contains specifications and drawings. The manual supplies key information to customers, employees, architects, engineers, contractors and others.

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