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Steps to Power Restoration


When a major outage occurs, OPPD crews kick into high gear to restore your power.  Safety is our number one priority and is the reason for our methodical approach to restoration. Most of the time, several of these steps below can be happening simultaneously.

Step 1:  Repair main lines from substations. These lines will get the most people back in service the quickest.

Step 2:  Isolate damage and prioritize repairs. At this point, you may see an OPPD truck drive by your house. Don’t worry – they are assessing the situation so they can work efficiently and safely.

Step 3:  Repair tap lines that serve small groups of homes.  If your neighbors have power and you don’t, you could either be on a different circuit OR the service line feeding your home is damaged. Individual repairs come after all distribution and tap lines are restored.

Step 4:  Work on individual service lines. In wide-spread outages, this can be the most time-consuming.

Step 5:  If the electric meter or power pole mast attached to your house is damaged, you need to hire an electrician to make repairs before OPPD can restore your power. 

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Report Problems
Online or by Phone

Report outages or other service problems online. You also may call 1-800-554-OPPD or your local OPPD office. Your call will be recorded and quickly sent to the appropriate individual for action.

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