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History and Governance

The history of the Omaha Public Power District dates back to 1917 when the Nebraska Power Company was incorporated. On June 1 of the same year, the newly formed company acquired the property of the Omaha Electric Light and Power Company. In 1946, its customers numbered 83,507, gross revenues totalled $10,828,000, kilowatt-hour sales were 552,000,000 and generating capability had reached 119,000 kilowatts.

On Dec. 2, 1946, the state legislature created the Omaha Public Power District, a political subdivision of the State of Nebraska, which acquired the properties operated by the Nebraska Power Company. In January 1965, the Eastern Nebraska Public Power District merged with OPPD, doubling the size of its service area to 5,000 square miles. With the merger, four counties were added to OPPD's service area, which now covers all or part of 13 counties in southeastern Nebraska.


Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, the Omaha Public Power District is a self-supporting subdivision of state government. All revenue for operating expenses and routine improvements and additions is acquired through the sale of electricity and related services. OPPD owns and operates its own generation, transmission and distribution facilities. Funds for major construction expenditures come from the sale of revenue bonds on the private bond market. OPPD receives no tax income and has no taxation power.

All corporate powers are vested in OPPD's eight-member board of directors. These directors are elected to six-year terms from geographical districts within OPPD's 13-county service area.

Under the provisions of the by-laws of OPPD, the president is appointed by the board of directors to be chief executive officer with the responsibility to manage, conduct and administer the affairs of the utility. The board also appoints the vice presidents and other assistants considered necessary for the proper operation of the utility.


Integrated Report to Support Restart of Fort Calhoun Station

Calendar of Events

NRC Public Meeting – Sept. 25, 2014, 6-9 PM at Omaha Marriott, 10220 Regency Circle, Omaha NE
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