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Latest News on Fort Calhoun Station


NRC and OPPD Discuss Ongoing Progress at FCS

Fort Calhoun Station (FCS) continues to demonstrate a “tremendous amount of focus and effort.” That was the sentiment from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s public meeting with OPPD at the Omaha Marriott in Regency on Sept. 25, 2014.

The NRC panel posed an array of very detailed, probing questions about the site’s ability to properly evaluate and resolve problems. It was noted that, since restart, the station has “run well.”

During discussion about FCS working its way out of special oversight and returning to the NRC’s Reactor Oversight Process, the panel indicated the agency is “anxious for you to transition.”

They went on to say they have “no concerns” about three of the four transition criteria. The fourth criterion, the station’s Corrective Action Program, was the focus of much of the evening’s discussion.

Confirmatory Action Letter

A measurable result of the station’s effort is that 130 of the 180 items in the FCS Confirmatory Action Letter (CAL) have been inspected and closed by the NRC. The regulator also has closed five of 10 major sections of the CAL, and much headway has been made in the five sections that remain open.

Problem Identification and Resolution (PI&R) is one of those sections, with the station having recently completed a major two-week inspection by more than a dozen NRC personnel. During the public meeting, OPPD representatives plainly addressed FCS performance during the PI&R inspection, identifying inadequate self-assessment as a challenge that could have been overcome by taking a wider and deeper scope of potential issues.

As noted in OPPD’s presentation, that inspection revealed FCS has made many improvements in its Corrective Action Program (CAP), including:

  • Training and qualification of workers
  • More detailed metrics and performance indicators
  • Improved ownership and accountability behaviors in most functional areas
The inspection also showed, and FCS leaders agreed, that continued improvement is needed. For example:
  • A need for improved ownership and accountability behaviors in select functional areas
  • More rigorous evaluation to determine causes of issues
  • Improved timeliness of corrective actions.
The NRC videotaped this meeting and will make it available at Although operating, FCS remains under increased NRC oversight.

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NRC Public Meeting – Sept. 25, 2014, 6-9 PM at Omaha Marriott, 10220 Regency Circle, Omaha NE
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