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Residential Surge Guard - Rate 480


Who qualifies for the Residential Surge Guard program?
All single-family residential occupants of a single free standing dwelling having a 200 amp service and a meter socket attached to the dwelling. This specifically excludes apartments, flats, or units of a multi-family dwelling.

Protection Service and Extended Warranty Service:
This District will install three items on the consumer’s residence: 1) a meter socket arrester that protects the electric line, 2) one cable TV line protector and 3) one phone line protector.

The District warrants equipment in the Consumer’s residence down line from the District’s Protection Service against damage caused directly from surges that do not pass through the District’s arrester, such as a direct lightning strike. The maximum coverage is $500 per occurrence. The Consumer must provide proof of surge damage in writing from their insurance carrier or from an electronics repair company designated by the District.

Non-standard Charges:
Consumers with equipment located outside of the residence or needing additional special arresters will be assessed additional fees based on actual costs plus overheads.

Early Cancellation:
OPPD requires a 12-month contract period for residential surge guard. The District may require payment for the remaining months of the initial contract for early cancellation.

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Rate 480 (PDF, opens in new window)

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