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General Service - Time-of-Use Rider - Rate 469W


Who qualifies for this rider?
Any customer taking service under the General Service – Large Time of Use Rider – Rate 469 for at least 12 months with a billing demand of at least 1,000 kW and less than 10,000 kW qualifies for Rate 469W.

What is a waiver?
Time-of-use rates reflect the reality that electricity is more expensive to produce and deliver at certain times of the day, days of the week, and months of the year. As the temperature increases during the summer months, the increased load requirements cause OPPD to move closer to a peak condition and the cost to provide electricity increases. Customers with the ability to shift load away from these periods of peak conditions benefit on a time-of-use rate. However, not all summer days are hot enough to cause OPPD to approach a peak condition; therefore, the demand restrictions set by Rate 469 may be waived and the customer may be allowed to continue with normal operations and not shift their load to an off-peak period.

Waiver Period Demand:
The on-peak period is generally from noon to 10 p.m. on weekdays during the summer months. During these times, the District may provide the customers with a waiver of the on-peak requirements that normally apply and customers may use electricity during this waived period as if it were an off-peak period.

Special Waiver Request:
During periods when the District has not waived the on-peak requirements, a customer may request the District to consider a period when the on-peak requirements may be waived if the District is able to provide replacement capacity and energy at a price determined by the District. The on-peak requirements would be waived if the customer chooses to purchase such capacity and energy for this period at the price determined by the District. If not, then the customer would be subject to the on-peak billing demand calculation.

Billing Demand:
The provisions of the customer’s base rate and General Service – Time of Use Rider – Rate 469 determine the billing demand.

Waived Period Energy Charge:
During a waived period, the customer’s energy charge for all energy used during the waived period is 5.28¢ per kWh.

Other Charges:
All other charges including the basic service charge, energy charges, and demand charges apply.

Rate 469W (PDF, opens in new window)

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