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Service Guarantees


At Your Service - Guaranteed!

OPPD has employees and service that customers can depend on, and the utility is letting customers know about it with its Service Guarantee Program.

Here's how it works:

Guarantee No. 1 - We'll Keep All Customer Appointments

OPPD will keep all appointments we schedule with you. If an OPPD representative does not keep a scheduled appointment and fails to reschedule prior to the original appointment, we will credit your account $100.

Guarantee No. 2 - We'll Meet Our Commitments to Connect Your Electric Service

OPPD will get your power connected as agreed. This includes installing a new service or reconnecting an existing meter. If the Customer has the facility ready for electric service, including all government permits and required payment arrangements, and OPPD does not keep this commitment within the agreed-upon time frame we will credit your account $100.

Our Commitments are as follows:

Service Guarantee
Reconnect Existing Meter No later than Next Business Day
Connecting a New Meter Within 4 working days
Temporary Service Within 5 working days
Underground Preconnect Service Within 15 working days
Overhead Service Within 4 working days

We will perform Customer line extension requests within two weeks from the time a customer's site is ready to take electrical service. If we are unable to meet this two week period we will credit your account $100, and promise to provide the specified service within one additional week.

Guarantee No. 3 - Advance Notice of Planned Service Interruptions

We will notify Commercial and Industrial Customers, taking permanent service on a General Service Rate Schedule, of any planned interruption in your electric service, which will exceed 15 minutes. We will provide at least 12 hours advance notice. If we fail to notify you, we will credit your account $100.

Guarantee No. 4 - We Will Respect Your Property.

Occasionally, we have to perform work on electric lines or other facilities, which requires OPPD to access a customer's property. If OPPD personnel damage your property, they will immediately advise you of the damage. By the end of the next business day, an OPPD Claims Representative will visit with you and inform you of the actions we will take regarding your damaged property. If we fail to notify you of damage we did to your property or fail to promptly contact you to discuss the damage, we will credit your account $100.

How to make a Claim

If you have been working directly with an OPPD employee, you can make your claim through that employee or you can call OPPD at 536-4131 or toll free at 1-877-536-4131. Claims must be submitted within 30 days. We will investigate these claims and provide you the results within 5 working days.

Some Clarifications

The safety of our employees and customers always comes first. The Service Guarantees will not apply if the health and well being of our employees or our customers are endangered. The following are some additional clarifications.

Guarantee No. 1

1. OPPD will drop lines for tree trimming within two hours of the scheduled appointment time.
2. OPPD will read a meter within two hours of the scheduled appointment time.

Guarantee No. 2 

1. Residential and Commercial Developments, which exceed 100 labor hours to complete, will have completion dates negotiated and guaranteed with the developer.
2. If your service was disconnected because you did not pay your electric bill, OPPD will try to get your service reconnected within 24 hours once payment arrangements are made. However, the $100 service guarantee payment will not apply in these situations.

Guarantee No. 3 

1. OPPD must trim trees to prevent damage to power lines and to provide safe and reliable service for our customers. For this reason, OPPD cannot include trees that are trimmed in our Guarantee to Respect Your Property.
2. In order to install electrical equipment or perform maintenance, repair and/or improvements to equipment on customer property, OPPD must have access. That requires customers to grant easements to OPPD to perform necessary work. For this reason, OPPD is not liable for this damage that may occur to customer property which is located on easements and damaged during the course of necessary utility work. However, OPPD will make reasonable restitution for damage to property on easements by either repairing or replacing the damaged property. Reasonable restitution does not include extensive repair or replacement of retaining walls, fences, large structures or buildings or the replacement of large trees that are placed on easements and impede OPPD from maintaining its equipment.
3. For extensive construction projects, OPPD will provide property owners with advance notice of potential property damage. Settlement will be made at the completion of the project.


In-Home Electrical Protection Program

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