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OPPD Arboretum

The OPPD arboretum is designed to create an outdoor education area where customers, students and our employees can:
  • Learn the safety issues associated with tree and shrub planting under overhead power lines, above buried power lines and near surface electrical equipment
  • Learn the importance of landscape plantings in providing energy conservation and
  • Observe landscape and specimen plantings of the woody plants recommended for use in OPPD's service area
Trees around a bridge / walkway
The arboretum is located at 108th and Blondo streets close to an OPPD substation, and is open from dawn till dusk. It offers a variety of resources for users of all ages. While emphasizing the tree/power line environment, the arboretum is designed to include the following areas of interest: Trees near a grassy area
  • Electrical Safety Education Area: This area provides a demonstration of the trimming methods used by OPPD's Forestry Department when pruning trees away from power lines. Also included are examples of tree/shrub species that can be planted adjacent to power lines.
  • Substation Overlook: Signs located at the knoll of a hill overlooking the substation explain the parts of the substation and how each part functions.
  • Transmission Line Demonstration: Visitors can walk through a transmission right-of-way to see the vegetation management practices OPPD uses to eliminate unwanted vegetation and promote the growth of desirable plants that attract wildlife.
  • Shelterbelt, Wildlife and Erosion Control Plantings: This area contains tree and shrub plantings designed to attract wildlife and provide examples of soil and wind conservation measures through erosion control and windbreaks.
  • Formal Planting Area: This area emphasizes planting the right tree in the right place to avoid future tree/power line hazards. In this collection of trees and shrubs, visitors can see the types of trees that can be planted adjacent to power lines. Also included are groupings of native Nebraska trees, a conifer collection and lowland/wetland plantings.
  • Outdoor Classroom: The classroom is located within a forested area surrounded by native tree species and connected to a hard surface trail system.

For a virtual tour, please visit our arboretum map page.

Arboretrum Map 2011


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