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Payment Protection Insurance


What if your paychecks suddenly stopped coming because your job is eliminated, or you stop working to care for an ill family member, or even if you become ill yourself?

  • Payment Protection will pay your OPPD bill up to $2000 per month for up to six months.
  • Payment Protection starts paying your OPPD bill after 30 days of involuntary unemployment, unpaid leave of absence, or total disability. It continues to pay for up to 6 months while you aren't receiving a paycheck.
  • When you enroll, your first two months of coverage are provided at no cost to you. After that, the monthly premium charge is 6.5% times your average monthly bill over the past year. The premium will be conveniently billed on your OPPD statement each month. For example, if your average bill is $50, a premium charge of $3.25 will appear on each month's statement.

To enroll in this program, you must be listed on the OPPD account, under age 71 and your account must be in good standing. You, the insured customer, are eligible for coverage if you've been employed full-time (at least 30 hours a week) in a non-seasonal job for the past nine months. On the date your loss occurs, you must be currently enrolled in this program and gainfully employed on a full-time basis to receive benefits. This coverage is available only on residential accounts.

For an enrollment form, or for more information about this program, call toll-free 1-888-838-0058, 7 AM - 10 PM Central Time

Further Information

Family Leave benefits cover unpaid absences from full-time work for up to six months while you're caring for an immediate family member with a serious medical condition or for up to three months while caring for a newborn or adopted child.

Benefits are not payable for any past due amounts or for loss of income due to layoff, termination or business failure that occurs within 60 days of your coverage effective date. Medical conditions treated within the six months prior to the effective date of insurance are not covered.

All claim payments will be sent directly to OPPD and applied as payments to your account.

After your enrollment form has been processed, you will receive a personalized Certificate of Insurance explaining all benefits. The Effective Date of Coverage will be shown on your Certificate. Certain exclusions and limitations apply, please review your Certificate carefully for complete details of your coverage. All coverage terminates at age 71.

This program is offered, administered and underwritten by Central States Indemnity Co. of Omaha of Omaha, Nebraska.

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