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Energy Efficiency Video Library

In the Long Run Energy Efficient Home Building: You can save a lot in the long run by building an energy efficient house.
Energy Efficiency Video - Inspect your attic Insulation - jpg Inspecting Attic Insulation: Cut energy loss dramatically by making sure your attic is properly sealed, insulated and correctly ventilated.
Energy Efficiency Video - Caulk around windows- jpg Caulking Windows: Older or poorly sealed windows are a major source of air leaks. Caulking is a low-cost fix to eliminate air leaks and decrease energy usage.
Energy Efficiency Video - Clean your dryer and fridge - jpg Cleaning Dryers and Fridges: Cleaning dryers and refrigerators is simple to do and can help with the energy efficiency of appliances.
Energy Efficiency Video - Read an EnergyGuide label - jpg Reading Energy Guide Labels: Understanding how to read Energy Guide labels helps you determine the energy efficiency and annual costs of running appliances.
Energy Efficiency Video - Change your furnace filter - jpg Changing Furnace Filters: Changing your furnace filter often will improve air quality and help you save energy.
Energy Efficiency Video - Install an outlet gasket - jpg Installing Outlet Gaskets: The area behind power outlets and light switches has little to no insulation. Installing outlet gaskets is a quick, simple and cost- effective way to prevent air leaks.
Energy Efficiency Video - Insulate rim joists - jpg Insulating Rim Joists: Rim joists in your basement can be a major source of air leakage. Learn how to air-seal and insulate them.
Energy Efficiency Video - Install a water heater jacket - jpg Installing a Water Heater Jacket: Make your water heater more efficient by installing a water heater blanket.
Energy Efficiency Video - Weatherstrip a door - jpg Weather-Stripping Doors: Air leaks around doors are comparable to having a 6-inch hole right in the middle of the door. Replacing old, worn out weather-stripping will prevent air leaks, save energy and make you more comfortable.
Energy Efficiency Video - Install window film insulation - jpg Installing Window Film Insulation: Drafty windows can create excessive energy bills. Temporary plastic heat shrink film will reduce drafts and lower energy usage.
Evaluating Energy - jpg Evaluating Your Energy Use: Evaluating your home’s energy use can be tricky. Small lifestyle changes can make a big impact on your energy use.
Read meter - jpg Learning To Read Your Electric Meter: Knowing how to read the electric meter on your home can help you better understand your electric consumption. Learn how to track daily usage and identify potential causes of changes in usage. (Download the Electric Usage Log)
Kilowatt-hour - jpg What is a Kilowatt-Hour?: Did you know your electric bill is determined by how many kilowatt-hours are used from one billing period to the next? Find out what a kilowatt-hour is and how you use kilowatt-hours in your home.

In-Home Electrical Protection Program

If an electrical line in your home fails you can call our 24-hour repair hotline. We’ll send a certified electrician to begin repairs, typically within 24 hours. And for just $3.95/month you can avoid unexpected repair bills. Learn more

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