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Wind Generation

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Wind Power

The wind is probably the most cost-effective renewable energy in the OPPD territory. There are several manufacturers of home- and farm-sized wind turbines. 

As in the purchase of other generating equipment, OPPD will work with you and your electrician to ensure that the installation meets OPPD requirements. You and your electrician will need to work with local and/or state inspectors to ensure the installation meets their requirements.  

You should also be aware and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service is developing guidelines for protecting wildlife as you build your tower and wind turbine. 

OPPD allows customers to supply excess power to the OPPD system. The rate schedule for energy purchase from customers is Rate 355 or Rate 483, OPPD's Net Metering Rate, depending upon the situation.

Please see below to view OPPD’s Distributed Generation Manual. Pages 19-21 describe the basic approval process; pages 31-33 list basic metering requirements;  pages 34-39 list protective equipment requirements; and pages 45-49 contain  the approval application.

A shortened One-Page DG Application may be used to apply for interconnecting your 10kW or less generating system with single-phase OPPD service.

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How do you know if a wind turbine is right for you:

Both the federal government and the American Wind Energy Association have good explanations of wind energy and the factors that can make it a good choice.

Wind Speed Facts

One of the key things to know about wind speed is that the amount of energy which wind can generate is not a one to one function. Rather energy increases by the cube of the wind speed. If you double the wind speed, you get eight times the energy. That is one reason that looking at wind maps is so useful. Even a small difference in wind speed within a given area can have a big impact on the amount of energy a wind turbine can generate. It is also one of the reasons why a taller wind tower can make so much of a difference. If the wind speed increases even a few miles an hour by going with a taller tower the energy generation potential increases.

Source: Energy Bible

For more information

American Wind Energy Association

National Renewable Energy Lab-Residential

Distributed Generation Manual


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