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Questions To Ask Your Energy Rater



Are you a Residential Services Network Certified Energy Rater (RESNET)?

You can view the list of certified raters at Raters

How long does the energy analysis take to complete?

A typical energy analysis lasts 1.5 to 3.5 hours. This varies from one rater to the next and is based on the number of questions asked by the customer.

How do I prepare my home for an energy analysis?

Do not use a wood burning fireplace or similar units 48 hours before the test, and clean ashes out of the fireplace. Attic access and crawl spaces need to be easily accessible.

What type of report will I receive?

Reports may vary. Prior to signing a contract, ask what will be included in the report, and when and how you can expect to receive it.

What is the fee for an energy analysis?

The national average for visual inspection, testing and performance rating report is $492.00. Charges may range from $165 to $1,000.

Does the Energy Rater make the recommended improvements?

Some Energy Raters provide home improvement services while others provide a list of professionals they recommend to do the work.

Does the Energy Rater have insurance?

An Energy Rater entering your home should have the minimum insurance:

  • Public Liability including Personal Injury and Property Damage $1,000,000 each occurrence
  • Automobile Liability Insurance including Personal Injury and Property Damage $1,000,000 each occurrence
  • Professional Liability $1,000,000 each occurrence

For more information about Energy Analysis, please contact the Energy Advisor at or 402-636-3850.


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