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Rates & Comparisons

Rates & Comparisons

Economic Development Rate Rider – 490

Centron Meter Bw SizedThis new tool enhances economic development through reductions in electric rates for large commercial and industrial customers.

OPPD’s new Rate Rider 490 provides a discount to qualifying businesses and creates new jobs and investment in the service area.

Effective January 2015, Rider 490 promotes growth and is designed to support the service area’s economy by increasing jobs, businesses and investment.

The rate rider encourages new and existing businesses to locate or expand in OPPD’s service area, and is offered to qualified customers who must:
• Create or increase load by 2,500 kilowatts or greater during each monthly billing period of the agreement
• Have a minimum monthly load factor of 60%
• Receive economic development benefits under the Nebraska Advantage Act

Additionally, the discount is only available to customers that would not otherwise have located or expanded in OPPD’s territory. The formula rate for the discount is will be updated annually to reflect current costs and conditions.

Other Key Components of Discount

• Available for 3 to 5 years, plus an additional 3 to 5 years at OPPD’s current rate schedule
• Fixed or declining block options available
• Designated amount of capacity allocated to this incentive program

To be considered for service under this rate rider, businesses must submit an application. An economic development agreement is required for those qualified. OPPD rates, terms and conditions apply to qualified participants.

For additional information regarding the economic development rate rider and application process, please contact Devin Meisinger at (402) 636-3729 or

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Popular Business Rates

232 – General Service-Large Demand 
240 – General Service-Large
245 – Large Power-Contract
250 – Large Power
490 - Economic Development Rider
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How Our Rates Compare Regionally

The charts below show how OPPD electric rates for commercial and industrial customers compare with other utilities regionally. This is from Energy Information Administration data for 2014, the most current available.

2014 Ave Price Commercial

2014 Ave Price Industrial

How Our Rates Compare Nationally

OPPD rates are 20.3 percent below the national average for commercial customers, and 15.3 percent below the national average for industrial customers.

Estimated Monthly Electric Rate

How much could you save if your manufacturing/business operation were located in OPPD's service area?

Using the charts below and the number of shifts and electricity usage pattern closest to your own, you can determine an approximate rate. OPPD personnel are eager to provide you with exact cost figures based on your company's electricity demand and usage.

Indust Est Month Electric Rate

Comm Est Month Electric Rate

To get a more accurate estimate of annual energy costs within OPPD's service territory, go to the electric rate calculator.