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AC Management Program

AC Management Program

Get paid to help reduce demand

EnrollBy participating in OPPD’s AC Management Program, you can help OPPD
keep its rates low and get paid to do it. Program participants receive $50 from OPPD. 

This program helps reduce the need for electricity on the hottest days of the summer, when demand is at its highest. Reducing this peak demand helps delay the need for new power plants, which helps reduce costs for OPPD and its customer-owners.

Program HighlightsAcmp Device

  • OPPD will attach a free outdoor device to your home on the siding or brick nearest your AC unit or heat pump (shown right). This will require the use of hardware, such as screws or nails, but no appointments are necessary and no one will need to enter your home.
  • After the device is installed, OPPD will credit your bill $30 and an additional $20 for each year you participate in the program. That’s $50 for the first year!
  • On most days, nothing will happen. On some summer days when demand for electricity is at its highest, the device will run your AC or heat pump in approximately 15-minute intervals (on for 15, off for 15), for 2.5 hours between 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. This will not cause additional wear and tear on your cooling system.
  • AC management will take place on a maximum of 12 days per year. Depending on weather patterns, the device may never be activated during a particular summer. AC management will never take place on holidays or weekends, and you will be able to opt out of AC management any two days per year, with 24 hours notice.
  • During a management event, your cooling system’s blower fan will continue to circulate air throughout your home. A typical home may experience a one- to three-degree increase in temperature.
  • It’s that simple, and it’s also the most effective way to reduce residential energy demand during high-usage times.
  • Still have questions? The AC Management FAQ may have the answer.

Program Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the AC Management Program, you must:

  • Have a working central air conditioner or heat pump.
  • Own a single-family home.
  • Be willing to have a free outdoor device attached to your home on the siding or brick nearest your AC unit or heat pump. This will require the use of hardware, such as screws or nails.