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Careers in Energy students


Careers in Energy

Get your students excited about energy! The growing energy industry encompasses many fields, all of which need bright and innovative students to take future leadership roles. The Energy Providers Coalition for Education Web site answers questions about careers and functions at an electric utility.

Invite an OPPD expert to talk to your class about the energy industry, green initiatives, and career opportunities. Contact the speakers bureau to schedule.

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Creating Partnerships

  • Mock Interviews: OPPD conducts mock interviews with high school and college students. We provide positive feedback to students to encourage their growth and give them confidence when they enter the workforce.
  • Resumé Critique: OPPD human resource professionals critique student resumés to help them communicate their talents and best market themselves. They give students insight on what skills employers are looking for in each particular field.
  • Internships & Co-ops: Positions are posted on university Web sites, as well as If we are not currently posting jobs on your Web site, let our recruiters know by filling out the form under “Contact Us.”
  • Career Fairs: OPPD recruiters travel to universities across the country. Check out our career fair schedule and see if we are coming to your school. If you don’t see it on the schedule, let us know so we can line something up with you.