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OPPD Culture & Diversity

OPPD Culture & Diversity


Leadership’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At OPPD, we welcome the unique identity of every individual. Our identities include things we normally think of like: race, gender, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation. However, our identities also include things like: family structure, ability, socio-economic status, language, and life experiences and perspectives. Some aspects of our unique identities are visible, while others are not. When we value and respect all of our personal identities, our inclusive mindset and actions create the bridge to exchange ideas, experiences, and perspectives that sustain our Core Values and allows us to more effectively accomplish our Mission and Vision. Diversity and inclusion of all of these areas make us a more customer-focused company, a more community-focused company, and a more employee-focused company, and we can achieve greater results in customer satisfaction, innovation, reliability, relationships and competitive rates.

Our Commitment:

  • We commit, individually and as an organization, to providing a work environment that builds trust, ensures that employees feel valued and heard, supports the dignity and self-esteem of every employee, utilizes people’s strengths, and encourages our employees to bring their authentic selves to their work every day.

  • We commit to challenging members of our organization and of our community to embrace differences as strengths to cultivate an inclusive environment that ensures equality of access, opportunity, participation, and representation.

  • We commit to diversity of staff, volunteers, and audiences, including full participation in programs, projects, initiatives, policy formulation, and decision making.

  • We commit to examine and acknowledge our own privilege and biases (conscious and unconscious) and eliminate those that create barriers in the workplace and in the roles we have in the community.

  • We commit to fair, equitable pay and treatment and zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment in all its forms at all organizational levels.

  • We commit to seeking to understand the uniqueness of each employee and to work through the conflicts our diversity of uniqueness may cause.

  • We commit to honoring the rights of all individuals to mutual respect and the acceptance of others without bias.

  • We commit to seeking out and incorporating different perspectives before making critical decisions.

  • We commit to sponsoring and supporting employee resource groups and mentoring programs to develop diverse leaders across our organization.

  • We commit to supporting alternative work arrangements (as business needs allow) to enable employees to better manage work and family-life activities.

Career Development

Empowered U
OPPD offers employees many opportunities to increase current job skills or to prepare employees for future opportunities. A learning community called emPOWERed U gives every employee an opportunity to grow and develop skills that will progress with the rapid pace of change. Continuing education and degree programs in utility-related and business fields are encouraged through partnerships with several colleges and universities. OPPD programs serve to benefit both the employee as well as the organization by providing both personal and professional development.

We can talk up a storm! With more than 30 members, we typically give 100 speeches per year, answer more than 300 table topic questions, and provide positive, constructive feedback to our fellow Toastmasters each week. Our club meets every Thursday for an hour of fun.

Honoring Communities

Community Impact

As a publicly owned organization, OPPD is limited as to the financial support it can give, so we support our employees’ endeavors to make their communities a better place. Employees give generously of their time and talent. Some hold elected offices. Others wield power tools for Habitat for Humanity, or refurbish old computers that make their way to needy families. Teams of employees band together for activities like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, United Way of the Midlands and Heartland Walk for Warmth. Employees shine in almost every aspect of life in southeast Nebraska, helping to brighten the lives of customers, literally and figuratively.

Programs include: Partnership 4 Kids, INROADS, and Legacy I3

Partnership 4 Kids Partnership 4 Kids is a goal setting and group mentoring for under-served students and helps them create a foundation for success from kindergarten to careers.
Inroads INROADS helps businesses gain greater access to diverse talent through continuous leadership development of outstanding ethnically diverse students and placement of those students in internships at many of North America’s top corporations, firms, and organizations.

Legacy I3 Legacy I3 helps companies understand and establish the business case for short-term and long-term talent pipeline development and ensure that the shared responsibilities of industry, education, and support organizations are understood and reinforced.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

OPPD's diversity program helps our company reflect the diversity of our employees and the communities we serve. Our program objectives support individuality and encourage change agents in creating an inclusive culture at OPPD and in the community. It is designed to increase awareness and a commitment to change one aspect about oneself to become more inclusive, and to hold one another accountable to behave in an inclusive way. With our new employee onboarding, we establish a warm welcome and share tools to encourage and support every success. We see the value of diversity and inclusion and know diverse organizations make better decisions, are more innovative and perform better.

Wellness and Healthy Living

OPPD has a long history of supporting the health and well-being of its employees. Several wellness programs are available to assist employees with both knowing their current health status, and actively working towards maintaining or improving it. These programs include onsite SimplyWell health screenings, skin cancer screenings, flu shots, blood pressure monitoring, education programs, stress management, teams in community events, tobacco cessation, a wellness resource library and more.

Employee Resource Groups

OPPD's African American Network embraces and uses the talents of our African American employees to recruit, mentor and foster diversity and inclusion with current and new employees. It prepares and supports African American employees for advancement through professional development and exposure to OPPD leadership.

Inclusive and culturally relevant, the Latino Society of OPPD invites everyone to get involved with people of all ethnic backgrounds and experiences. By effecting positive change, this group seeks to leverage Latino OPPD talent through development while promoting leadership through mentoring, networking, and workshops. In addition, this group will increase the community outreach and visibility of OPPD in the South Omaha community.

OPPD’s Society of Engineers (OSE) is open to any current or retired employee holding an engineering degree from an Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) program recognized by ABET, Inc., and interns, co-ops and employee-students enrolled in an EAC program. OSE provides a formal network to attract, retain, engage and develop engineers. One of the core pillars of OSE is direct involvement in the community in order to generate student interest in the field of engineering. OSE is also an excellent place for resource sharing among peers. For more information about the Society of Engineers, please peruse our brochure or email a member at

The OPPD Veterans Network mission is to “Empower veterans of America’s armed forces to lead the Omaha Public Power District and serve its customer-owners with honor, passion and proficiency.” The Network is committed to furthering all of OPPD Strategic Directives, most notably SD-1 (Mission and Vision), SD-8 (Employee Relations), and SD-13 (Stakeholder Outreach and Communication).

OPPD's Women's Network provides an avenue and opportunities for women to develop, demonstrate and promote their leadership abilities through active advancement of the company’s business objectives. Women play an active and important role in OPPD's business. The Women's Network fosters a supportive company environment that recognizes the value of women’s contributions, and inspires members to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Young professionals (YPs) represent a dynamic and energetic group of employees. OPPD’s Young Professionals Group (YPG) is an organization both for young professionals interested in becoming more involved with OPPD and those interested in promoting YPG. Members represent diverse backgrounds and professions and are committed to personal and professional growth. YPs are bringing new, innovative ideas to corporations all over the world. In today’s changing business environment, young professionals face many pressures, both professional and personal. The traditional avenues for participation in OPPD may not suit the needs of YPs because of time constraints, shift hours, and financial concerns. YPG offers these employees alternatives to the traditional participation.