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Rate Calculator

Rate Calculator

Commercial and Industrial Electric Calculator

***Only two of the three fields are required***
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  Estimated Annual Energy Cost (in dollars)  
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This web page is designed to enable you to perform, using a simplified process, certain types of commercial and industrial electric rate comparisons and calculations. The calculator will provide an estimated total annual energy cost and an estimated average cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in cents, based on current OPPD rate plans, using the load factor, kilowatt-hour, and kilowatt demand you enter.

In the appropriate field above, enter at least two of the following:

  1. kW demand: maximum amount of electricity used at the location during any one point in time.
  2. kWh: consumption per month
  3. Load factor: total hours worked per year, divided by 8760 (e.g., 60% should be entered as .60).

After you have entered two of the three numbers, click on the "Calculate" button and the results will be displayed in the "Estimated Annual Energy Cost" and "Estimated Average Cost Per kWh" fields.

If you have a kW demand of 5,000 kW or more, please contact Devin Meisinger, senior economic development coordinator, for a detailed rate and cost estimate. Devin can be reached at 1-888-781-4415 or

OPPD's Economic Development Department can be the most important "first contact" you make in eastern Nebraska. We will provide you, on a confidential basis, with the most comprehensive, detailed information available on the 13-county region served by OPPD.