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Rates & Comparisons

Rates & Comparisons

OPPD recently established an innovative rate to help customers meet renewable energy goals and provide a “hedge” for future energy concerns.

261M 1PgLarge Power - High Voltage Transmission Level - Market Energy 261M 

  • Customer provides a minimum of 20 MW of new load at 161 kV or at least 200 MW of new load at 345 kV service each month
  • Customer owns its electric substation
  • Market rate energy pricing
  • View Rate 261M (one-page summary)
  • View Rate 261M (full rate)

Large Power - High Voltage Transmission Level - 261

  • 161 kV requires at least 20 MW
  • 345 kV requires at least 200 MW
  • Customer owns its electric substation
  • Discount of roughly 5%, based on demand and energy use
  • View Rate 261 

Green Sponsorship Rate Rider - 499

  • Helps customers meet renewable energy goals
  • Provides a “hedge” for future energy concerns
  • Customer purchases at least 10,000,000 kWh of energy annually from OPPD
  • Rate rider is available on Rate Schedules 232, 240, 245, 250 and 261
  • Pricing based on renewable energy contract and Southwest Power Pool market 
  • View Rate Rider 499

Economic Development Rate Rider – 490

The capacity available to consumers under this rider is limited to surplus capacity projected by the District. 
This rider is currently unavailable.

OPPD’s Rate Rider 490 provides a discount to qualifying businesses and creates new jobs and investment in the service area.

  • Reduced electrical rates for large customers
  • Available 3-5 years, plus 3-5 years at OPPD’s current rates
  • Fixed or declining block options 


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Popular Business Rates

232 – General Service-Large Demand 
240 – General Service-Large
245 – Large Power-Contract
250 – Large Power
All Business Rates

How Our Rates Compare Regionally and Nationally

OPPD offers competitive rates that beat regional and national averages. In addition, OPPD is committed to no general fixed rate increases through 2021. 

 Ave Cents Per Kwh

* West-North Central Region includes Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota
Source: 2015 Energy Information Administration

OPPD rates are well below the national average:

  • Industrial - 11% below
  • Commercial -18% below
  • Residential - 12% below 

Estimated Monthly Electric Rate

How much could you save if your manufacturing/business operation were located in OPPD's service area?

Using the charts below and the number of shifts and electricity usage pattern closest to your own, you can determine an approximate rate. OPPD personnel are eager to provide you with exact cost figures based on your company's electric demand and usage.

Indust Est Month Electric Rate

Comm Est Month Electric Rate

To get a more accurate estimate of annual energy costs within OPPD's service territory, go to the electric rate calculator for up to 5 MW. For additional information regarding the economic development rates, riders, and projects greater than 5 MW, please contact Devin Meisinger at 531-226-3729 or