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What We Do

What We Do

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Helping Nebraska Grow

OPPD's Economic Development Department can be your most important first contact in eastern Nebraska. OPPD's economic development professionals are available to provide business-attraction and site-location assistance, as well as development and support of communities and businesses through in-depth knowledge of economic development and growth resources.

Services for Businesses
Services for Communities

The low rates, reliable service, diverse generation mix and exceptional customer service provided by Omaha Public Power District are among the major advantages of selecting a business location in southeast Nebraska.

OPPD is a publicly owned, business-managed electric utility, with an ingrained appreciation for the needs and concerns of business. Its publicly owned status makes it highly responsive to the needs of the eastern Nebraska region it serves.

The OPPD Economic Development Department will be your confidential contact in eastern Nebraska. For answers to your questions, just call 1-888-781-4415, or view our contact information.