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Lighting Rebate Program

Lighting Rebate Program

Save more for upgrading your lighting

Energy Efficiency Partner

Whether you are upgrading existing fixtures or installing lighting controls, we have a wide array of rebate options available to help lower your energy usage. With OPPD rebates, lighting upgrades have attractive, simple paybacks boosting your bottom line.


  • Energy and cost savings - lighting is 30 to 40 percent of most commercial buildings' energy consumption
  • Reduces carbon foot print while helping improve overall ENERGY STAR score
  • Lighting and color rendering impact employee performance and customer satisfaction
  • Rebates may cover up to $40,000 of retrofit/replacement costs
  • Attractive simple paybacks with OPPD rebates
  • Most lighting upgrades qualify for a Nebraska Energy Office low-interest loan of 2.5 to 5.0 percent.

Key Requirements

  • Lighting must be on ENERGY STAR, DLC or LDL qualified list
  • Projects must produce established light levels for the task or process being performed
  • Lighting must be indoors or in parking garages where lights are required to be on during the day
  • Installation must be performed by an approved Trade Ally
  • Must be an OPPD business customer with account in good standing


Many answers to questions regarding the lighting rebate program may be found in the FAQs, by contacting an OPPD Trade Ally, or email
If you are a lighting specialist and would like to become a trade ally, review the requirements and available training.

The Process

  • Select an approved Trade Ally to complete an audit and provide a retrofit/replacement proposal 
  • Trade Ally completes rebate application
  • Review Terms and Conditions and rebate reference sheet
  • Receive rebate pre-approval from OPPD
  • Complete lighting retrofit/replacement project within 90 days
  • Trade Ally submits itemized invoice to OPPD within 30 days of project completion
  • Rebate check generated

Choose a Lighting Trade Ally

Trade Allies are companies approved by OPPD to submit lighting rebates applications. These companies completed OPPD program training and, in most cases, will provide lighting audits and proposals at no cost or obligation. Trade Ally also completes all documentation needed for rebates. 

Lighting Rebates Not Listed

Rebates are available for many lighting upgrades not listed on the rebate reference sheet. Contact your Lighting Trade Ally directly to be sure.