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CCR Rule Compliance - North Omaha Power Station

CCR Rule Compliance - North Omaha Power Station



All owners of CCR units must maintain publicly accessible information specified in CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As more data is collected and reports developed, they will be posted here for public review.

North Omaha (NOS) CCR Reports

2019 NOS Corrective Action Report
2019 NOS Groundwater Statistical Method Certification
2019 NOS Notification of Initiation of Corrective Measures
2019 NOS Appendix IV Groundwater Exceedance Memo
2018 NOS Landfill Annual Groundwater Report 
2018 NOS Landfill Annual Inspection Report
2018 NOS Annual Fugitive Dust Control Report
2018 NOS Landfill Unstable Areas Evaluation Memorandum
2018 NOS Landfill Alternative Source Demonstration Letter
2017 NOS Landfill Annual Groundwater Report
2017 NOS Landfill Annual Inspection Report
2017 NOS Annual Fugitive Dust Control Report
NOS CCR Groundwater Monitoring System Amendment
NOS Ash Disposal Area Run-on and Run-off Control System Plan 
NOS Ash Disposal Area Closure Plan 
NOS Ash Disposal Area Post-Closure Plan 
Fugitive Dust Control Plan 
Groundwater Monitoring System Certification 
2015 Landfill Annual Inspection Report
2016 NOS Annual Fugitive Dust Control Report 
NOS 2016 Ash Disposal Area Annual Inspection 
NOS CCR Groundwater Statistical Method

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