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News Releases : OPPD’s new Thermostat Program brings smart savings
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Today, Omaha Public Power District launched a new program to reward customers for saving energy at peak times through smart, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats.

OPPD customers who own a qualifying thermostat and enroll in the Thermostat Program can receive a one-time $100 credit on their OPPD bill. They can receive an additional $20 credit annually for their participation.

“Reducing our need for electricity, when demand is at its highest, helps reduce our need to purchase electricity or build a new power plant,” said Jay Anderson, project director for OPPD’s Power Forward Initiative. “And that helps keep costs down for all of OPPD’s customers.” 

Currently, only Nest thermostats™ are eligible for enrollment; however, OPPD is evaluating other thermostat brands for inclusion in its Thermostat Program.

Here’s how Nest Rush Hour Rewards works:

  • New or existing Nest thermostat™ owners who are OPPD residential account-holders may take part by signing up via (Participants may not be already enrolled in OPPD’s Cool Smart program. To cancel Cool Smart enrollment, email customer service or call 402-536-4131.)
  • On certain days between May and October, when demand for electricity is high, OPPD and Nest may adjust your air conditioning through the thermostat. This can occur for up to four hours, between the hours of noon and 9 p.m.
  • Nest thermostats™ can help lower energy during peak usage times by precooling your home ahead of time and adjusting the temperature up to three degrees during the Rush Hour event. This will not cause additional wear and tear on your cooling system.
  • Normal Nest Rush Hour events are scheduled two hours prior to the start time. Customers are notified of an event via the Nest app and thermostat display. OPPD reserves the right to schedule critical Rush Hour events in an emergency, where customers would be provided with 10-minutes notice.
  • Nest Rush Hour events will never take place on holidays or weekends.
  • You are in control. If you are home, your Nest thermostat™ will try to keep you comfortable. But if it gets too warm, you can adjust the temperature at any time.
  • To learn more, visit

Future thermostats offered under OPPD’s Thermostat Program may vary, based on individual manufacturer terms and conditions. More information is available at