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News Releases : OPPD Board of Directors appoints 2017 officers
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At its monthly meeting today, the Omaha Public Power District elected new officers for the year 2017.

Tim Gay will serve as Chair; Thomas S. Barrett as Vice Chair; Rich Hurley as Treasurer; and Michael J. Cavanaugh as Secretary.

In addition, two new members joined the board. Craig Moody now represents Subdivision 5. Rick Yoder now represents Subdivision 4.

The board meeting was held at 4 p.m. today, a new time approved by the board at last month’s meeting. The goal of holding meetings toward the end of the business day is to make them more accessible to more members of the public.

The meeting was also streamed live at, as it has been since 2015. But for the first time today, the committee meeting that preceded it was streamed live, as well. The streaming of both of these public meetings will continue as part of the district’s ongoing effort to increase transparency regarding utility operations and decision-making processes.

Board meetings are typically held the first Thursday after the 10th of each month, unless otherwise noted, at Energy Plaza, 444 S. 16th St., Omaha. The full schedule is available at

In other board action today, directors:

.… Approved railroad crossing easement acquisition for 2017, granting the district the ability to use eminent domain for railroad crossings, if all negotiation attempts fail.

.… Authorized OPPD personnel to approve standard easement releases.

…. Approved modifications and enhancements to Rate 261 Large Power-High Voltage Transmission Level and approved new Rate 261 M. The changes are expected to increase the availability and attractiveness of the rate to current and future large customers while adhering to fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory requirements.

…. Accepted the monitoring reports and revisions for Board Policy: Strategic Directive-8, relating to employee relations, as well as the monitoring report for Board Policy: Strategic Directive-1A, relating to the district’s mission statement: provide affordable, reliable and environmentally sensitive energy services to our customers, as well as Strategic Directive-1B, relating to the district’s vision statement: leading the way we power the future. The board evaluates all monitoring reports on an ongoing basis. Acceptance means they find the district to be in compliance with the goals previously set forth for the utility.

… Approved Board-Staff Linkage Policy BL-1A: Board-OPPD Officers, which outlines the relationship between the OPPD Board of Directors and all OPPD officers other than the Chief Executive Officer, as well as their fiduciary responsibilities.

… Approved a revision to Governance Process Policy-5, relating to the election of board officers.

… And received the monthly President’s Report. You can view that report after it is posted by visiting