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News Releases : Notice for neighbors of North Omaha Station

The Omaha Public Power District has routine maintenance work scheduled for its North Omaha Station, 7475 Pershing Drive, over the next couple of days, which will produce loud and unusual noises. This work is necessary to maintain plant reliability and efficiency.

Weather permitting, cleaning of the plant’s storage bins will take place today through 6 p.m., and possibly tomorrow from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. This work will produce loud bursts of noise, at times. In addition, trucks, which could produce occasional loud noise, will be used during this work on a 24-hour basis Monday and Tuesday.

We do everything we can to minimize inconveniences to those living near the power plant; however, some of the noise may be unavoidable. Those who live close to the plant may be within earshot. We want to let our neighbors know about this work in advance so they will not be alarmed. And we want to ensure those in the vicinity that we will complete this work as quickly and safely as possible.

We appreciate our customers’ patience as we take these proactive measures in order to continue to deliver affordable, reliable and environmentally sensitive energy services.