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Surge / In-Home Electrical Protection Plan Bundle

Surge / In-Home Electrical Protection Plan Bundle

Bundle and Save

SignmeupFree installation and two months free Surge, immediate IHEPP coverage

When you bundle OPPD’s Surge Guard Protection and In-Home Electrical Protection Plan (IHEPP), you can have peace of mind knowing your home’s electronics, appliances and wiring are all covered. When you bundle, you receive:

  • Two FREE months of Surge Guard Protection
  • FREE Surge Guard installation ($20 value)
  • Immediate IHEPP coverage (OPPD will waive the 30-day waiting period)

In-Home Electrical Protection Plan – $3.95 a month

An electrical line failure can leave you without power and with a costly repair bill, unless you’re covered with IHEPP.

If your in-home electrical lines fail, call our 24-hour repair hotline for help – 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We’ll send a local certified electrician to your home to start repairs, typically within 24 hours or less. OPPD will pay the repair bill, up to $1,500 per visit.

Learn more about IHEPP today.

Surge Guard Protection Plan – $6.99 a month

OPPD’s Whole House Surge Guard Protection offers a superior package of protection able to withstand repeated surges, even at voltages as intense as direct lightning strikes. And it’s backed by a $50,000 warranty from your energy partners at OPPD. Look at all the features you get:

  • Protection for ALL your electronic equipment: computers, stereos, televisions, telephones, garage door openers, furnaces, air conditioners and appliances (even hard-wired ones)
  • Triple protection against electrical surges at your home’s wired entryways – electrical meter, phone box and cable box
  • $50,000 repair or replacement warranty
  • Now includes coverage for direct lightning strikes to your home (Please see warranty)
  • You don't have to be home for installation
  • No extra bills – monthly fee is added to your OPPD statement

Learn more about Residential Surge Guard today.