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HVAC Tune-Up Rebates
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HVAC Tune-Up Rebates


Complete an HVAC tune-up and receive a $25 rebate

Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring a long, healthy life for your HVAC system. Not only can it help identify issues before they cause equipment failure, but it also ensures your HVAC systems is working as efficiently as possible, saving you up to 10% on annual energy costs. 

With our HVAC Tune-up Program, you can save $25 on routine maintenance by scheduling service through a certified HVAC contractor. 


Step 1: Schedule a tune-up, and an HVAC contractor will conduct an 8-point review of your unit.     Step 2: Download and provide your technician with a copy of our tune-up checklist for completion.

Step 3: Submit your documents and complete the rebate application via our online portal.    Step 4: Once accepted, you'll receive a check in the mail within 60 days.

Benefits of an HVAC Tune-up

Save money icon
Save Money
Regular maintenance ensures your HVAC system uses less energy by operating more efficiently.

Increase home comfort icon
Increase Comfort

A well-tuned system evenly distributes cool and warm air throughout your home, ensuring you're as comfortable as possible.


Increased reliability iconIncrease Reliability
With routine tune-ups and maintenance, your HVAC system will last longer, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs or replacement.


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8-Point Tune-Up Checklist: 1. Visual inspection 2. Check belt/lube motor 3. Clean coil condenser 4. Blow out drain line 5. Check refrigerant charge 6. Filter service schedule 7. Check indoor coil 8. Discuss proper operation

Click here to download checklist

Considering upgrading your HVAC system? Choose an eligible unit and save up to $700 through our HVAC Smart Program


Before beginning the application process, please have the follow information available, then click the "Apply Now" button below.
  • Your 10-digit OPPD account number
  • Last four digit of the the phone number on your OPPD account
  • The address associated with the rebate (as shown on your OPPD bill)
  • A copy of your itemized paid invoice or sales receipt
  • A completed, signed tune-up checklist from your HVAC contractor

Click here to apply now

Need help filling out the application? This video will walk you through the process step by step. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for submitting my rebate application?

The program launched in April 2023. Due to high demand, rebate quantities are limited. Please submit your rebate application upon completion of your HVAC service. 

Can my HVAC technician complete the rebate application on my behalf?

Only the OPPD customer who received the HVAC tune-up may complete the rebate application.

How do I find a certified HVAC contractor?

 See the ACCA's national directory for assistance locating a contractor.

What if I own two homes or have two HVAC systems installed in my home?

If you've scheduled and completed service on both HVAC systems, you can submit paperwork for up to two rebates. Rental dwellings are not eligible at this time. 

What if I live in a multi-family dwelling?

Currently, only single-family dwellings are eligible for the HVAC Tune-up rebate.

Are window A/C units eligible for the rebate?

The HVAC Tune-up rebate only applies to whole-home heating and cooling systems at this time. 

Where can I find my account number and address?

You account number is located in the top box on your OPPD bill. Your address is the "Billing information for service address" line highlighted below.

Sample OPPD bill

Where can I find help filling out the application?

This video will walk your through filling out the application step by step. 


For questions on customer-submitted rebates, email or call 402-536-4131.

You can learn more by viewing the HVAC Tune-up Program Terms and Conditions