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Powering Business Growth in Nebraska


To the Business Professional

President and CEO Gary GatesAt Omaha Public Power District, we're excited that you're considering a business investment in our southeastern Nebraska service area. We're committed to helping our customers succeed by providing affordable and reliable power and professional services. In fact, while other energy costs are rising, OPPD has maintained rates that are well below the national average, and we plan to continue to focus on rate stability in the future.

We serve more customers than any other electric utility in Nebraska, and in these changing times, we know that customers expect more from their energy provider. At OPPD, we continually look for ways to help our business customers prosper.

We can be a powerful ally for you as you consider doing business in our thriving communities. We look forward to being an energy partner that helps you succeed and grow.


Gary Gates
President and Chief Executive Officer

A Tradition of Powering Business Growth

Low rates and nationally recognized service provided by the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) are among the major advantages of selecting a business location in southeast Nebraska. OPPD is a publicly owned, business-managed electric utility, with an ingrained appreciation for the needs and concerns of business. OPPD serves more than 352,000 customers in Omaha and other communities in 13 southeastern Nebraska counties.

OPPD was founded in 1946 as a public entity governed by an elected board of directors. Its publicly owned status makes it highly responsive to the needs of the eastern Nebraska region it serves. Economic strength has always been recognized as a primary need of any community, and OPPD emphasizes and actively supports the recruitment, development and nurturing of business and industry in our area.

"During the selection process for a site for our new warehouse, we focused on locations in both Nebraska and Iowa and analyzed many economic factors. OPPD was a great help, partnering with us to provide critical energy information, including a timetable for moving a major transmission line on the property. This assisted us in making the decision to locate our new operation in La Vista."
- Steve Frary, Oriental Trading Company Chief Executive Officer.

Low Rates Power Growth

OPPD was founded with the expectation that it would provide reliable service at an affordable cost. Today, more than six decades later, it continues to meet that expectation with commercial and industrial rates greater than 25 percent below the national average, according to the Energy Information Administration. OPPD keeps its rates low by anticipating the needs of the service area, then working to meet those needs in the most economical way possible. For example:

OPPD has an efficient generation mix of 57.8 percent coal, 14.9 percent nuclear power, 26.9  percent oil and natural gas and 0.2 percent landfill gas and wind. 

OPPD's Nebraska City Station, one of our coal-fired plants, consistently ranks among the lowest-cost steam-electric power plants in the nation.

Approval of OPPD's open-access transmission enables the utility to aggressively sell power to other utilities. Revenues from these sales are returned to our customers in the form of rate stability and system improvements.

Electric Rate Comparisons

Industrial Map

Industrial Chart 2011

Commercial Map

Commercial Chart 2011



How much could you save if your manufacturing/business operation were located in OPPD's service area? Using the charts below and the number of shifts and electricity usage pattern closest to your own, you can determine an approximate rate. OPPD personnel are eager to provide you with exact cost figures based on your company's electricity demand and usage.


Number of Shifts     Kilowatt Demand         Monthly Usage Average Rate
Per kWh
1 shift per day 1,000-kilowatt demand 240,000 kilowatt-hours 8.00 cents
2 shifts per day 1,000-kilowatt demand 485,000 kilowatt-hours 5.93 cents
2 shifts per day 2,000-kilowatt demand 970,000 kilowatt-hours 5.92 cents
2 shifts per day 5,000-kilowatt demand 2,425,000 kilowatt-hours 5.89 cents
3 shifts per day 2,000-kilowatt demand 1,320,000 kilowatt-hours 5.35 cents
3 shifts per day 5,000-kilowatt demand 3,250,000 kilowatt-hours 5.30 cents


Number of Shifts     Kilowatt Demand         Monthly Usage Average Rate
Per kWh
1 shift per day 250-kilowatt demand 55,000 kilowatt-hours 8.47 cents
1 shift per day 500-kilowatt demand 115,000 kilowatt-hours 8.35 cents
1 shift per day 750-kilowatt demand 170,000 kilowatt-hours 8.38 cents
2 shifts per day 500-kilowatt demand 230,000 kilowatt-hours 6.52 cents
2 shifts per day 750-kilowatt demand 390,000 kilowatt-hours 6.23 cents

To get a more accurate estimate of annual energy costs within OPPD's service territory, go to the electric rate calculator.


ASAI GraphFor more than half a century OPPD has fulfilled its public trust to provide reliable, affordable electric service.

The ASAI (Average Service Availability Index) is a commonly used measurement of utility reliability. It is determined by the number of customer hours available, divided by the number of customer hours served.

Excellent Service Reliability

For the past five years, Omaha Public Power District's service availability index has averaged 99.987 percent.

In addition to efficient utilization of baseload stations and peaking units, one key to OPPD's excellent service reliability is the instant availability of additional power during times of high demand. OPPD assures that availability through its membership in the Southwest Power Pool, which serves more than 5 million customers in nine states -- Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. SPP's footprint includes 26 balancing authorities, 47,000 miles of transmission lines and 370,000 square miles. It is based in Little Rock, Ark., and has 370 employees.

"PayPal is committed to providing a world class environment for its employees, and also is committed to the continued economic development of the Omaha metro area. OPPD continues to be an outstanding partner to us as our business grows in size and complexity."

Ryan Downs, Vice President of Operations PayPal Inc., Omaha
PayPal's new 115,200-square foot building in La Vista, Nebraska.

OPPD's Mark Purnell and Creighton President Lennis Pederson
Creighton Vice President of Administration Lennis Pederson discusses the university's new eLutions energy monitoring system with OPPD Account Executive Mark Purnell

Premier Customer Service Provides Cost Savings

OPPD offers a variety of services that can further enhance the competitiveness of our commercial and industrial customers. In fact, in surveys conducted by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Omaha businesses consistently rank OPPD electrical service as one of the top three very important business climate factors. The menu of services provided by OPPD includes the following:

Ratemaster Rate Analysis

After benefiting from an annual rate review, the president of an Omaha iron castings company told us ...

"The progressive thinking exhibited by establishing this new rate will certainly benefit ratepayers, and is exactly the type of thinking needed to promote economic development for the Omaha area." Al Campbell, President, Paxton-Mitchell

Gallup's Ed Miller (l), vice president, Facilities, and OPPD Account Executive Jim Krist view the riverfront from Gallup's impressive three-story glass atrium. Gallup's Ed Miller (l), vice president, Facilities, and OPPD Account Executive Jim Krist

Omaha businesses rank electrical service as one of the area's most positive business climate factors. Source: Target Omaha Business Survey; Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

Lighting Solutions

Distributed Generation

HVAC System Solution 

Electrical Service Designers and Account Executives

See OPPD's Products & Services for More Information


Energy Efficiency Programs

OPPD provides a streamlined system for commercial and industrial customers with multiple locations or service accounts. You will receive a summary of charges, itemized by account. This service will streamline your accounts-payable process and simplify your budgeting and forecasting.

More Customer Power

OPPD Adds Second Power Plant at Nebraska City

As part of its mission to provide customers with reliable, low-cost electricity, OPPD develops a long-range plan to determine the best way to meet its customers' future energy needs. The most recent plan concluded that building a second coal-fired generating unit at the Nebraska City Power Station site would be the most reliable and economical source of this additional energy.

Several factors make the Nebraska City site a good choice. The site was planned to accommodate a total of four generation units. In addition, Nebraska City Station has rail access from competing railroads, which helps keep coal-transportation costs down. The site also is equipped with coal-handling and storage systems, an electrical substation and transmission lines.

Several other utilities will be sharing energy from the 684.6-megawatt plant, making the construction and operation more economical.

Nebraska City 1 & 2 summer 09 - jpg
When OPPD purchased the site for its Nebraska City Station, the utility planned for future expansion. Nebraska City unit 2 is built at this location.

Site Selection Assistance Services

Economic Development Can Assist Your Company

"Omaha businesses rank electrical service as one of the area's most positive business climate factors"
Source: Target Omaha Business Survey; Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

OPPD can provide you with low-cost, reliable power and a variety of energy-related programs and services. Our Economic Development Department can offer extensive site-selection assistance. When you're considering a location in the OPPD service area, OPPD's Economic Development experts can:

  • Help you find the best possible site or building that meets your needs.
  • Provide state and local information that's important when making a business location decision, including:
    • Tax Structures: property tax rates, corporate and personal income tax rates, sales tax information, unemployment and workers' compensation rates
    • Incentives: industry eligibility, threshold investment, job-creation requipments, and tax credits provided
    • Training and Retraining Programs: recruitment and employee screening assistance and training assistance available
    • Financing Options: overview of public financing assistance programs and eligibility requirements
    • Education and Housing: overview of local K-12 public and private school systems, post-secondary education systems in the area and programs they offer; available housing
    • Transportation: local and regional highway and rail systems; opportunities for over-the-road transportation and time-to-market for nationwide destinations.
    • Climate and Environmental Data: permitting and other regulatory information related to your individual projects
    • Zoning/Planning: zoning classifications and associated regulations for alternative sites plus information on planning and zoning processes
    • Waste Disposal and Utilization: available services, requirements, rates and regulations

Our Commitment: To Exceed Your Expectations

At the Omaha Public Power District, taking care of business used to mean generating an adequate supply of power and then delivering it reliably. These tasks continue to be critical, but, as the utility industry changes, OPPD has redefined its business philosophy. Now, at OPPD, taking care of business means taking care of you and exceeding your expectations. We're committed to our customers' needs, and we'll work hard to be your energy partner.

Omaha Night Skyline

The staff of OPPD's Economic Development Department is ready to assist in site selection searches or other economic development needs.

  • Roger Christianson, CEcD, economic development manager
    (402) 636-3730; cell phone: (402) 670-8802; e-mail:
  • Jason Esser, CEcD, EDFP, business retention and expansion coordinator
    (402) 636-3710; cell phone: (402) 616-3773; e-mail:
  • Devin Meisinger, CEcD, senior economic development coordinator
    (402) 636-3729; cell phone: (402) 670-8796; e-mail:
  • Roberta Pinkerton, CEcD, community economic development coordinator
    Cell Phone: (402) 658-5077; e-mail:

Mail inquiries to any of our team members at:

Economic Development
Omaha Public Power District
444 South 16th Street Mall
Omaha, NE 68102-2247

Or Fax to:

(402) 636-3914



Surge Protection

OPPD's Surge Guard Plus can help prevent damage to your electronic equipment. Even small surges can create minor damage that may go unnoticed but still shorten the life of your valuable equipment.

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