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Energy Portfolio

Energy Portfolio

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OPPD Wind Turbine

Diverse Fuel Mix

To help fulfill our mission of providing affordable, reliable and environmentally sensitive energy services to our customers, OPPD is committed to maintaining a diverse energy portfolio. Our current fuel sources for generating electricity include:

  • Low-sulfur coal
  • Carbon-free nuclear
  • Wind
  • Landfill gas
  • Natural gas and fuel oil

Here's our Future Power-Generation Plan.

Neb City Station

Baseload Power Plants

OPPD has four baseload generating plants, which are designed to run year-round.

Nebraska City Station (at left) and North Omaha Station are fueled by low-sulfur coal, which results in cleaner emissions than high-sulfur coal.

Fort Calhoun Station is fueled by uranium-based nuclear fuel, which is carbon-free. The used fuel is safely stored in the plant's spent-fuel pool and in sealed above-ground casks onsite.

Elk City Station is fueled by methane and other gases produced by decomposing trash buried in the Douglas County Landfill. These gases would otherwise need to be burned or "flared off" into the atmosphere.

Wind Power

By 2018, OPPD expects to generate enough renewable energy, mostly wind power, equivalent to 33 percent of its retail sales.

The utility contracts with various entities for the output from several wind farms throughout Nebraska. Because it is intermittent, wind energy supplements baseload generation.

Peaking Plants

During times of peak demand for electricity, OPPD operates three peaking plants that are fueled by natural gas and/or fuel oil.

Future Power-Generation Plan

From February through May of 2014, OPPD sought input from its customers about future power-generation options. During this comprehensive stakeholder process, people throughout OPPD's service area offered their opinions through a series of town hall meetings, an online comment forum, focus groups and a telephone survey.

Based on that input, OPPD management recommended and the board of directors approved the plan summarized below.

Oppdlistens Generationplan Web 011915

This plan will enable OPPD to comply with government regulations to reduce future greenhouse gas emissions at its existing power plants, while preserving the district’s ability to meet future demand for electricity.

As part of the plan, in 2016, OPPD will shut down North Omaha Station units 1-3, and install stronger emissions controls on North Omaha units 4 and 5 and Nebraska City Station unit 1. (Operational as of 2009, Nebraska City unit 2 has more current emissions controls.)

By 2023, OPPD is to reduce electrical load by 300 megawatts through new and existing energy-efficiency programs for customers, and through demand-side management programs, which enable customers to reduce power usage during times of peak demand.

Also in 2023, OPPD will retrofit North Omaha units 4 and 5 to be fueled by natural gas.