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Trees and Power Lines

Properly placed trees and shrubs can contribute to a home’s energy efficiency.  However, trees and reliable electric service are not always compatible if they are located too close together.

OPPD trims trees away from overhead power lines to ensure public safety and reliable electric service. Many power outages begin with tree limbs falling into power lines causing damage to wires, short circuits and other problems.
Tree Trimmer in Basket - jpg
Tree Trimming Work - jpg
For additional information and questions, or to report a tree/power line problem, please call 402-536-4131 (1-877-536-4131 outside Omaha) or contact OPPD’s Forestry Department.

About Power Lines

What is the difference between Transmission and Distribution Lines?

People commonly confuse transmission and distribution lines and believe them to be one in the same. In reality, they are very different with each serving a unique purpose. Even though they are different, all power lines can produce hazardous conditions if vegetation grows too close to the lines. OPPD treats the vegetation management and maintenance around these lines very differently to accommodate regulations and to ensure safe and reliable electric service.

Distribution Lines

Tree Trimmers at Work - jpg Distribution lines carry high voltage electricity to end consumers, converting it into 220 volts along the way. Distribution lines are much thinner in comparison to transmission lines. Learn more  about our vegetation management around distribution lines.

Transmission Lines

Transmission Lines - jpg Transmission lines carry electricity long distances at a very high voltage around 161,000 volts. Learn more about our vegetation management and easement requirements around transmission lines.

Tree Promotion Program

OPPD established the Tree Promotion Program to promote community tree-planting. It is available to nonprofit groups, organizations and schools. This program promotes the planting of trees, and provides education concerning the value, selection, placement and welfare of trees. Learn more. Tree Planting - jpg

Energy-Saving Trees Program

Energy-Saving Trees banner - gifOPPD, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, has given away 4,000 free trees to its customer-owners since 2013 through the Energy-Saving Trees Program. Trees are available for a limited time during the spring promotional periods.

Strategic tree planting can provide a windbreak during cold winters and effective shade in the heat of the summer, cutting energy use by up to 30 percent.

Prior to planting, customer should always:

  • Call the Digger’s Hotline at 1-800-331-566 or 811 to notify of your planting. This free service will mark underground utility lines, typically within 48 to 72 hours.
  • Look up for overhead power lines, as your tree will grow in height and width. Tree interference with overhead utility lines could result in interruption in your electric service and possible removal of the tree.

If you received a tree through this program, and have any questions, please call the Arbor Day Foundation at 1-855-503-7180, or visit

Tree Line USA Utility Award

Tree Line USA Logo JPG

Since 2001, OPPD has earned the Tree Line USA Utility designation by the National Arbor Day Foundation in recognition of its quality tree care programs and services. Learn more.


In-Home Electrical Protection Program

If an electrical line in your home fails you can call our 24-hour repair hotline. We’ll send a certified electrician to begin repairs, typically within 24 hours. And for just $3.95/month you can avoid unexpected repair bills. Learn more

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