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OPPD report: environmental and energy-saving efforts making impact

Be cool with smart energy savings

Roadmap to Energy Savings

Energy Usage Calculator

Energy Education

Energy Portfolio

Stay cool this summer with smart energy savings

Energy-Efficiency Video Library

Energy Advisor

Energy Monitoring

Energy Marketing

Green Energy

Energy Education

Energy-Efficiency Video Library

ENERGY STAR Challenge Roundtable

Energy Usage Advice

Home Energy Analysis

Energy Marketing Staff

Seasonal Energy Tips

Questions to Ask Your Energy Rater

Teaser Content 01

Energy Portfolio

Question 5

Energy Usage Log

ENERGY STAR Challenge Roundtable

Energy-Saving Tools




Question 11

Business FAQ 1

Engy Save FAQ 07

OPPD’s innovative rate attracts big business

Teachers Corner

Non-Sealed Bid Request for Proposals

Speakers Bureau

Power Drive

Omaha Renewable Project

Holiday Lighting


Cool Smart

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Right Column


Home Energy Analysis

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Electric Safety

Auctions / Bids / Contracts

Call Before You Dig

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Question 6

Energy Saving Tools Teaser Container


Lighting Guide

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Contacts & Office Information



Customer Generation

OPPD board votes to decommission Fort Calhoun Station

Planning for future, OPPD management recommends ceasing operations at Fort Calhoun Station









Business FAQ 2

Home Construction

Engy Save FAQ 02

Engy Save FAQ 04

Business FAQ 8

OPPD adding more wind to its portfolio

Starting this week, OPPD Board meets at new times

Custom Rebate Program

OPPD Annual Report highlights how utility is powering the future

High-Performance Homes

Portfolio Manager Training

Corporate Reports

Building Conservation

Monthly Household Expenses

Environmental Reports


OPPD recognized as a Tree Line USA Utility for 15th year

OPPD’s economic development efforts are leading the way

Board of Directors meeting pilot begins this week

OPPD announces finalists for CFO position

Regional Prices

Net Metering Annual Report

Residential Green Power

OPPD presents Integrated Resource and Corporate Operating Plans

OPPD’s August Board of Directors meeting is Thursday night at Bellevue University

OPPD Board of Directors appoints 2017 officers

OPPD board names new vice president and CFO

OPPD board continues strategic directive work

Fort Calhoun Station Media Kit

Rates & Comparisons

ECO 24/7

OPPD board approves 2017 budget with no general rate increase

OPPD Board seeks update on generating resource portfolio


Electric Usage Calculator

Services for Businesses

Lighting Rebate Program

OPPD Board of Directors Takes another Step in Generation Plan

OPPD board to hold public policy workshop in July

Rate Calculator

Why Public Power?

Power Factor Explanation

Board Meeting Agenda & Material

Mohamad I. Doghman

Rethinking Rates - 2015



HVAC Smart

Committee Meeting Material & Minutes

Business Advantages

Account Executives

Generation Plan - 2016

Generation Plan - 2014

Internships & Co-ops

Watt Detector

Integrated Resource Plan - 2016

Committee Meeting Agendas

HVAC Smart for Apartment Builders

Download OPPDconnect App

Commercial Green Power

Mary J. Fisher

Chief Financial Officer Finalists

Sarpy Transmission Project

Board Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Surge / In-Home Electrical Protection Plan Bundle

Juli A. Comstock

Jon T. Hansen



Sustainability Academy

L. Javier Fernandez

Advanced Rooftop Unit Controller (ARC) Rebate Program

HVAC Rebate Program

Momentary Outages

Contactor Newsletter

Storm Information Tips

Business Rates

Types of Positions


OPPD Culture & Diversity

Meter Specification Manual

Privacy Statement

Nebraska Incentives

Heatingandcooling Energy Use (PDF)

2017 6 June Presidents Report (PDF)

Roadmap To Energy Savings (PDF)

2017 7 July Distributed Energy Resources (PDF)

2010Chairmanandceomessage (PDF)

2010Operationsreviewfull (PDF)

2011Managementsdiscussionandanalysis9 (PDF)

Rethinking Rates Graph 1 June 2016 (1) (PDF)

2013Annualreport (PDF)

Smallsinglephasedgapplication 07022014 (PDF)

Rr Board Why Now (PDF)

Managing Energy Use (PDF)

2014 9 Contactor (PDF)

ECO247 Flyer (PDF)

Eco24 7 Flyer 2014Web (PDF)

2017 7 July Presidents Report (PDF)

2010Entire2010annualreport (PDF)

Commercial Paper Memo (PDF)

Electricity Usage Log (PDF)

Entire2011annualreport (PDF)

2011Financialreportfull (PDF)

2017 4 April Hedging Trans And Bl 12 Monitoring Report (PDF)

Energy Assistance Program Guide (PDF)

Entire2013annualreport (PDF)

Distributed Generation Manual (PDF)

2011Fulloperationsreview (PDF)

Building Survey Form Industrial (PDF)

2016 Oct Outlets Online (PDF)

2009 Midyear Report (PDF)

2010 Midyear Report (PDF)

Building Survey Form School (PDF)

Americas Commissioning Case Study (PDF)

Chairmanandceomessage2013 (PDF)

Prelim Official Statement July 14 2014 (PDF)

2017 Rate 261M (PDF)

Neoppd01a FIN (PDF)

Neoppd01b FIN (PDF)

2017 5 May Outlets Web (PDF)

2017 6 June Outlets Web (PDF)

2010Managementsdiscussionandanalysis (PDF)

Stp Studyareamap (PDF)

Studyareamap With Routes (PDF)

2006 3 Contactor (PDF)

2009 4 Contactor (PDF)

Alegent Commissioning Case Study (PDF)

Serviceareamap2012 (PDF)

2011Chairmanandceomessage (PDF)

2011Serviceareamap (PDF)

2010Serviceareamap (PDF)

Serviceareamap2013 (PDF)

2017 5 May Detailed Board Agenda (PDF)

2017 7 July Detailed Board Agenda (PDF)

2017 3 Mar Committee Package (PDF)

Home Security Lighting (PDF)

2011 Midyear Report (PDF)

2013 Midyear Reports (PDF)

Quick Facts (PDF)

Managementsanalysis2012 (PDF)

Ford Building Commissioning Case Study (PDF)

Terrace Plaza Commissioning Case Study (PDF)

Regency Center Commissioning Case Study (PDF)

2017 4 April Sd 11 Econ Dev Monitoring Report (PDF)

2017 7 July Outlets Web (PDF)

2012 Midyear Report (PDF)

2014 Mid Year Report Redo (PDF)

2017 4 April Outletsv2 Web (PDF)

Cheema Resume (PDF)

Choose Nebraska Brochure (PDF)

2016 Operations Review Full (PDF)

Managementsanalysis2013 (PDF)

2016 Managements Discussion Analysis (PDF)

Alegent Commissioning Case Study (PDF)

Building Survey Form Commercial (PDF)

Ameritrade Commissioning Case Study (PDF)

Gallup Energy Commissioning Case Study (PDF)

Kiewit Energy Commissioning Case Study (PDF)

2012Annualreport (PDF)

Electric Safety Tips (PDF)

Arboretum Features For OPPD Com (PDF)

2017 4 April Presidents Report Presentation (PDF)

2017 5 May Presidents Report Presentation (PDF)

2016 Service Area Map (PDF)

2017 2 Feb Resolution 6175 (PDF)

Fireplace In Home W Feet (PDF)

S P OPPD Report 7 8 14 (PDF)

2010Financialreportfull (PDF)

Child With Leaf (PDF)

Financialreport 2012 (PDF)

Entire2012annualreport (PDF)

System Management Charter (PDF)

2017 7 July Committee Package (PDF)

Chairmanandceomessage2012 (PDF)

Investorrelations2012 (PDF)

2011Investorrelations (PDF)

2010Investorrelations (PDF)

Investorrelations2013 (PDF)

2014 Arboretum Background For OPPD Com (PDF)

Poweroforangebrochure (PDF)

Standard And Poors Summary Analysis (PDF)

Open Access Trans Tariff (PDF)

2016 Chair Ceo Message (PDF)

Entire 2016 Annual Report (PDF)

Financialreport 2013 (PDF)

Oppd Board Policy Binder (PDF)

Monroe Resume (PDF)

Fernandez Resume (PDF)

2016 Financial Report Full (PDF)

2011Statistics (PDF)

Public Information Committee Charter (PDF)

2016 Statistics (PDF)

2016 12 Dec Committee Package1 (PDF)

Electric Safety Brochure (PDF)

1 Corp Gov Guidelines FINAL (PDF)

2013 3Rd Qtr (PDF)

2 BYLAWS Amended 12 11 08 (PDF)

Financialinformation2013 (PDF)

Meter Manual Chapter 12 Network Services Downtown Omaha (PDF)

Financialinformation2012 (PDF)

2014 Q4 Image (PDF)

2011Financialinformation (PDF)

2011Financialinformation (1) (PDF)

2010Financialinformation (PDF)

2013 2Nd Qtr (PDF)

2013 4Th Qtr (PDF)

2017 Q1 External (PDF)

2017 4 April Row Routing Condemnation Update (PDF)

2016 Financial Information (PDF)

2014 Q2 (PDF)

Pandemic Brochure Online (PDF)

Fcs Emergency Planning Info (PDF)

2017 4 April Governance Policies 1 14 (PDF)