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Awarded Sealed Bids

Awarded Sealed Bids

Updated November 14, 2014

RFP'S AWARDED November 13, 2014

RFP No. 4354

OPPD 345kV MTP-NT & 69kV Line 58/71 - Insulators & Hardware
Bid Tab 
All Insulators and a Portion of the Hardware
Awarded To: MacLean Power Systems
Amount: $1,079,553.56

Balance of Hardware
Awarded To: Kriz-Davis Company
Amount: $284,933.47

RFP No. 4439

OPPD 345kV MTP-NT Twisted Pair ASCR Conductor Wire
Bid Tab 
Awarded To: Southwire Company, LLC
Amount: $4,055,068.80

RFP'S AWARDED October 16, 2014

RFP No. 4360

OPPD 345kV MTP-NT & 69kV Line 58/71 - Steel Poles
Bid Tab 
Awarded To: Transamerican Power Products, Inc.
Amount: $14,491,977.00


RFP'S AWARDED September 11, 2014

RFP No. 4359

Transmission MTP-NT & Line 58/71 Projects- Bare ACSR Conductor Wire
Bid Tab 
Awarded To: American Wire Group
Amount: $377,813.16

RFP No. 4355

Transmission MTP-NT & Line 58/71 Projects - Fiber Optic Groundwire
Bid Tab
Awarded To: AFL Telecommunications
Amount: $470,154.27

RFP'S AWARDED August 15, 2014

RFP No. 4252

Transmission Construction - Multiple Projects Fall 2014 
Bid Tab 
Awarded To: Timberline Construction, Inc. 
Amount: $1,325,779.12

RFP'S awarded May 15, 2014

RFP No. 4232

Replacement Start-Up Frequency Converter/Excitation System for Sarpy County Unit 3
Bid Tab
Awarded To: Siemens Energy, Inc.
Amount: $639,937

RFP No. 4288

Power Transformers
Bid Tab
Awarded To: CG Power Systems USA
Amount: $3,422,950


RFP No. 4250

Metro Cable Replacement
Bid Tab
Awarded To: Nielsen Construction
Amount: $824,730


RFP No. 4158

NC1 Lower Economizer Inlet Header Replacement
Bid Tab
Awarded To: Irwin Industries, Inc.
Amount: $962,312

RFP No. 4217

Transmission Construction - Multiple Projects
Bid Tab
Awarded To: Ward Electric Company, Inc.
Amount: $1,370,328.97


RFP No. 4160

NO3 Waterwall Front/Rear Arch Tubing Installation
Bid Tab
Awarded To: Irwin Industries, Inc.
Amount: $1,333,536

RFP No. 4192

Line 104 - 345kV Steel Structures
Bid Tab
Awarded To: TransAmerican Power Products, Inc.
Amount: $423,737.00