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Awarded Sealed Bids

Awarded Sealed Bids

Updated April 21, 2015

RFP'S AWARDED April 16, 2015

RFP No. 4627

161-69kV Autotransformer and 161-13.8kV Power Transformer
Bid Tab

201.6 MVA Autotransformer
Awarded To: Hyundai Power Transformers
Amount: $1,377,509

33.6 MVA Power Transformer
Awarded To: CG Power Systems USA, Inc.
Amount:  $681,210

RFP'S AWARDED March 19, 2015

RFP No. 4553

NC1 Upper Economizer (Lower Bank) Replacement
Bid Tab
Awarded To: Boiler Tube Company of America
Amount: $1,334,150.00

RFP'S AWARDED February 12, 2015

RFP No. 4534

Nebraska City Station Unit 1 Reheat Inlet Design and Supply
Bid Tab
Awarded To: CTI Power
Amount: $650,365.00

RFP No. 4550

Material Supply of NO5 Reheater Outlet Header
Bid Tab
Awarded To: Chanute Manufacturing
Amount: $304,160.00

RFP No. 4552

Underground Residential Development
Bid Tab
Awarded To: Nielsen Construction
Amount: $697,000.00