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Minibond Information
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Minibond Information

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OPPD Minibonds are tax-exempt, small denomination bonds periodically offered to residents of the State of Nebraska.

Minibond Transfer Information

OPPD Minibond holders may transfer ownership by completing a Transfer Information Form and executing the transfer section located on the reverse side of the original Minibond certificate. Please have your signature(s) on the certificate guaranteed by an officer of a bank or other financial institution.

Contact the Minibond Administrator

Direct written correspondence, such as submittal of a change of address form or transfer information to:

Minibond Administrator
Finance & Investor Relations
Omaha Public Power District
444 South 16th Street Mall
Omaha, NE  68102-2247

The Minibond Administrator will send a letter of acknowledgment upon completion of the requested change.

Answers to additional questions can find found in the minibond FAQs. You may also email or call 531-226-3286, toll-free at 1-800-428-5584.