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Business Rates

Business Rates

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2022 Rate Increase

OPPD hasn't had a a general rate increase for the past five years. As OPPD works to improve resiliency and reliability, OPPD's Board of Directors approved an increase effective Jan. 1, 2022. This increase is needed to cover the rising cost of materials and labor, as well as the need to invest in OPPD systems for growing communities and to maintain the health of existing structures and equipment.

The utility conducted extensive research to determine the exact figures that will satisfy OPPD’s budgetary needs, while minimizing the monetary impact to customers as much as possible. The increases reflect the revenue shortfalls in each customer class, more accurately reflecting the cost of the energy that customers use and when they use it.

Customer Impact

OPPD is facing a revenue deficit of nearly $26 million to cover work that will improve and modernize our power distribution system. For 2022, the utility is implementing an average rate increase of 2.5% across all customer classes. Here are the average rate increases for each class:
     •  Residential: 3.2%
     •  Small general service (commercial): 0.9%
     •  Large general service (industrial): 3.2%
     •  Lighting: 2.5%

These increases will vary slightly from month to month depending on how much energy a customer uses, when they use that energy, and to which rate they are subscribed.

Small general service Rates 230 and 231 will see an average 0.9% increase. The summer energy rate will increase and represents a movement towards cost of service in the recovery of production demand costs in the summer energy charge. This increase sends the correct price signal during the summer, encouraging conservation during the summer months.

The large general service class consists of Rates 232, 240, 245, 250, 261, and 261M. The large general service class will see an increase of an average of 3.2%. Increases in energy-related costs and transmission costs led to the needed increase for the large general service class. Generally, the large general service class rates will see a decrease in the demand component and increase in the energy component.

The lighting class consists of Street Lighting (Rate 350), Traffic Signals (Rate 351), and Private Outdoor Lighting (Rate 236). Energy-related costs have increased. However, lighting customers have benefited from investments in the distribution system and consequently these customers will experience an average 2.5% increase in their rates. Despite the reduction in energy usage due to the movement towards LED fixtures, the COS study determined that this class requires additional revenue to be recovered.

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Why a Rate Increase?

Capital improvements are needed to serve growing communities in the OPPD service territory, as well as maintain the health of OPPD's existing structures and equipment. The 2022 budget addresses rising maintenance costs of overhead lines including increasing the tree-trimming budget to the highest levels in history. It also includes transmission upgrades. These investments will help ensure reliability and resiliency of the system.

OPPD must invest in new technology for customers and initiatives that will transform the utility for decades to come. Improvements will include the areas of outage reporting and communication, among other areas, as part of a multi-year Technology Platform strategic initiative.

Minimize Financial Impact

Customers can control their bills by conserving more energy. An OPPD Energy Consultant can perform a personalized assessment of your location and implement energy efficiency strategies and technologies that will help you save more money and be more eco-friendly. Contact a representative for more information here

Customers who want to rely on a steady monthly bill should consider enrolling in OPPD's level payment plan. Contact the Customer Care team by emailing, or by calling 402-536-4131 in the Omaha calling area, or toll-free outside of the calling area, at 1-877-536-4131.

For more answers to your questions, visit FAQ's

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