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Residential Rates
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Residential Rates

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Residential Service

OPPD offers two rates for residential customers:
  • Standard Residential Service (Rate 110)
  • Residential Conservation Service (Rate 115) This rate requires an electric heat pump with a SEER rating of 14 or higher. 

For complete rate information, view OPPD's Service Regulations and Schedules.

Residential Rates FAQs

Billing Components

Residential bills have two billing components - a monthly service charge, and energy charges. Energy charges include the variable energy charge and the fuel and purchased power adjustment (FPPA). This rate structure applies to all residential customers.

Your service charge will be $30 every month. This charge is billed to all customers regardless of the amount of electricity used.Your energy charges are based on the amount of energy used during the billing period. Energy use is priced per kilowatt-hour (kWh). One kilowatt (kW) equals 1,000 watts (w).

Residential Rate Structure

Residential Service
- Rate 110

This rate is for residential customers who meet the rate criteria.

Service Charge: $30.00/month

Energy Charge:
(June 1 - Sept. 30)
All kWh              10.48 ¢/kWh

Non-summer (Oct. 1 - May 31)
0-100 kWh           8.63 ¢/kWh
101-1,000 kWh    7.46 ¢/kWh
1,001+ kWh         6.90 ¢/kWh

FPPA Charge for all kWh: 0.413 ¢/kWh
Minimum Monthly Bill: $32.07

Residential Conservation Heat Pump - Rate 115

This rate is for residential customers with an electric heat pump who meet the rate criteria.

Service Charge: $30.00/month

Energy Charge:
(June 1 - Sept. 30)
All kWh                9.36 ¢/kWh

Non-summer (Oct. 1 - May 31)
0-100 kWh           9.02 ¢/kWh
101-880 kWh       7.85 ¢/kWh
881+ kWh            5.68 ¢/kWh

FPPA Charge for all kWh: 0.413 ¢/kWh
Minimum Monthly Bill: $32.07


Costs Covered in My Bill

Your OPPD bill covers many costs. From the production of energy to its delivery to your home, OPPD maintains its mission in providing reliable, affordable and environmentally sensitive energy service for all customers. These costs are recovered through our rates. 

Costs to serve OPPD customers chart

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Help Paying your Bill
  • Energy Assistance: Plans and resources offered by OPPD to help with utility bills, along with information about how to access assistance. 
  • Level Payment Plan: OPPD calculates your monthly usage so your bill is the same every month.