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Net Metering
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Net Metering

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What is net metering and how does it help you save money on utility bills?


Net metering is a program for people who produce their own residential energy using solar panels, wind turbines or other forms of renewable energy. It’s considered to be beneficial because it gives residents a way to buy and sell electricity as needed and can ultimately lead to savings on utility bills.

Net metering works this way: Sometimes your home system will generate more electricity than you use, allowing you to sell the excess to the OPPD grid at the rate specified in Rate 483 - Net Metering Service Rider. Other times your system won’t create enough energy and you’ll need to buy power from the grid. Note: If you are enrolled in the Level Payment Plan, you will be removed from that program since it is not available with Net Metering.

For billing purposes, OPPD measures how many kilowatt/hours (kWh) of energy you send to the grid versus how much you take from it during a specified period. Measurement is done using a bidirectional meter, which is part of your generation system (see infographic below). Your energy bill is then adjusted to credit or charge the difference, which results in the net amount. See How to Read your Net Meter bill for more information. 

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If you have questions about how to reduce your carbon footprint and save on utility bills with customer-owned generation, email or call 531-226-3510. OPPD provides free consultation to ensure you’re on the right path to a successful generation purchase and installation. For business customers, email or contact your Account Executive or Senior Account Executive for more information.